Monday 19 April 2021
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CPSC Warns Against Using Peloton Treadmill After Child s Death
Getting Support for Multiple Myeloma
Effect of Spanking on Kids Brains Similar to Abuse
What to Do if You’re Co-Parenting With a Narcissist
Are You Eating Foods That Harm Your Microbiome ?
Understanding Post-college Depression
Narcissists: What to Do if Your Mother Is a Narcissist
How to Deal With Your Controlling Mother
India added to coronavirus ‘red list’
How to Handle the Narcissist in Your Life
Drop in Resting Heart Rate in Youth Not a Good Thing
Obesity Raises Odds for Breast Cancer s Return
Covid: More than 10m people fully vaccinated in UK
Covid-19 vaccines: What s happening to unused jabs?
Welsh Ambulance Service crew dropped woman, 89, off at wrong house
NI Covid-19 vaccine bookings to open for 35-39 group
The growing threat of antimicrobial resistance
India coronavirus: Delhi announces lockdown as Covid cases surge
Young people to be reinfected with Covid for study
New COVID-19 vaccine advice issued for pregnant women
Harry Richford: East Kent NHS Trust pleads guilty over baby death
Will the pandemic help improve Europe’s response to AMR and HAIs?
Chemical biomarker detects severe COVID-19 symptoms
Novel CRISPR tool allows unprecedented control of epigenetic inheritance
The disabled doctors not believed by their colleagues
Covid: Indian variant being investigated in UK
Covid-19 deaths pass three million worldwide
Dealing With the Loss of a Parent
How to Stop Feeling Lonely in a Relationship
Doctor Surrenders License After Ohio Sex Abuse Scandal
Scientists Create Monkey-Human Embryos
Dealing With Anxiety at Work
Scientists Create Monkey-Human Embryos
Covid vaccine advice for pregnant women firmed up
Covid-19: Pandemic funeral services not what people deserve
Why Three Families Entered Kids in a COVID Vaccine Trial
Things Parents of Kids With ADHD Wish You Knew
Dogs Get Jealous, Too, Even for Hidden Rivals
Discussing international vaccine distribution with Pfizer
Lessons from the pandemic: using and communicating data
Researchers discover potential new way of fighting TB
Hope for rare disease patients: an approach to funding gene therapy
Student s heart failure linked to excessive energy drinks
COVID-19, infection control, and cholera
Super-enhancers discovered that may improve breast cancer therapy
Global failure to tackle urgent threat of antibiotic resistance
Human cells grown in monkey embryos spark ethical debate
Families need cannabis prescriptions support, say MPs and peers
Exploring the Natural Benefits of Ecotherapy
Feeling Stressed Out? Learn How to Relax.
Puberty blockers: NHS to set up independent review group
How to Deal With Toxic Parents
Stress Not Always a Trigger for Relapse in Eating Disorders
Brain clots more likely with Covid infection than vaccine
Lower COVID Rates in States That Mandated Masks
How to Handle Emotional Vampires
ADHD in Children: Focus on the Positives
ADHD in Children: Focus on the Positives
Tipping Point: Woman has voice reconstructed thanks to ITV show appearance
Project to use smart technology to detect heart problems
The complex and multipronged fight against AMR
Investing in the future of the medical cannabis industry
Nurses Are Dying From Suicide at Higher Rates
Managing the transmission of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria
Covid: Getting the vaccine in Ramadan helps others
Mental disorder diagnosis breakthrough could offer personalised treatment
Research shows long-COVID is linked to alteration in immune system
4.7 million waiting for operations in England
Why are so many babies dying of Covid-19 in Brazil?
India Covid-19 second wave: ‘A coronavirus tsunami we had never seen before’
Instagram fixes ‘mistake’ promoting harmful diet content
Psilocybin: Magic mushroom compound promising for depression
Covid: 82% of positive rapid tests were correct
My mother s fertility doctor is my father
Covid vaccines: I jumped at the chance to get my jab early
Toxic Family Members: How to Deal With Them
Is Your Workplace ‘Toxic’?
Conservative MP Owen Paterson on the death of his wife, Rose
Covid jab could be required for England care home staff
Many Kids Who Develop Severe MIS-C Have Neurologic Symptoms
Covid: Encouraging antibody boost after Pfizer and AZ vaccines
The Fertility Issues Same-Sex Couples Face When Trying to Conceive
COVID-19: UK cancer patients more likely to die than European patients
New antimicrobial nanotech could prevent and treat superbugs    
Developing household hygiene practices to meet 21st century needs
AstraZeneca vaccine: Denmark ceases rollout completely
UVC disinfection in indoor spaces
Healthcare waste, COVID-19, and sustainability
Endometriosis: Bride-to-be pleading for hysterectomy aged 23
Mary Agyapong: Pregnant nurse’s family yet to get GoFundMe money
The growing threat of antimicrobial resistance
Mix and match UK Covid vaccine trial expanded
Covid: Israel may be reaching herd immunity
What to Know About the J J COVID Vaccine Pause
Neurodiversity: What Is It?
Regeron Antibody Cocktail Offers COVID Protection
Meow Mix Cat Food Recalled Due to Salmonella Fears
Ground Turkey Linked to Salmonella Outbreak
White House to Lift Restrictions on Abortion Pill Access
Covid: South Africa variant surge probaby due to person travelling from Africa
Americans Are Eating Less Healthily, Except at School
Newborns Won t Get COVID Through Infected Mom s Breast Milk
Project to investigate COVID-19 impact on blood vessels and pressure
Prioritising diabetes through united, interdisciplinary care
Breaking News: FDA Urges Pause of J J COVID Vaccine
Covid-19: US agencies call for pause in Johnson Johnson vaccine
Cymatics for healthcare: applying the science of sound in cancer surgery
Memory disorders may be influenced by a shared set of brain systems
Antimicrobial resistance prevention, research, and policy
Bigger risk of contracting COVID-19 indoors with high carbon dioxide levels
Over-45s able to book Covid jab
AstraZeneca: Irish health body recommends vaccine restriction
Covid-19: England gets third jab as Moderna rollout begins
Covid: Surge testing in Wandsworth and Lambeth after South African variant cluster found
Covid vaccine: All over-50s and high risk groups offered first dose
Taking Aim at Coach, Doctor Sex Abuse on Campuses
Widely Used BP Meds May Raise Skin Cancer Risk
How Meditation Can Help Manage OCD
Starving brain tumours to prevent their growth
Covid: Asthma drug speeds up recovery at home
Managing early-stage COVID-19 with repurposed drugs
Covid-19 vaccines: Gordon Brown on G7 helping poorer countries
Wounds, infection prevention, and technology
Call to remove inequalities for adolescents and young adults with cancer
AI and robotics in hospital cleaning
€123m European Commission funding to combat COVID-19 variants
NHS Covid-19 app update blocked for breaking Apple and Google s rules
Covid vaccine: Fasting during Ramadan should not stop Muslims getting jab
Chinese official says local vaccines don t have high protection rates
Covid-19: G7 nations should finance global vaccine scheme - Brown
Coronavirus: UK sets new record for Covid jab second doses
England Covid lockdown eases: PM warns people to behave responsibly
Covid-19: India vaccination crosses 100 million doses
Covid-19: Debunking the latest wave of medical misinformation
Coronavirus: UK reports largest number of second jabs in one day
My Spouse Is Depressed: Tips on How to Help and Cope
Strategies That Help
The Caregiver s Role
What Is Dementia-Related Psychosis?
Recognizing the Symptoms, From Hallucinations to Delusions
12 Ways to Beat Loneliness
What You Can Do When Someone You Love Has PTSD
You ve Have Fungi in Your Lungs, and That s OK
Sunnier Areas Have Lower COVID-19 Death Rates
You Have Fungi in Your Lungs, and That s OK
Coronavirus infections a sixth of January peak
Simpler human waste disposal to improve infection risks
Antimicrobial printing: protection through print
Specialist in cryo-storage solutions
Finding a balance in neurological health treatment
Examining the potential of the UK medicinal cannabis market
Germitec: UVC high-level disinfection technology for ultrasound probes
XPhyto: Is mescaline the next big mood-modifying medicine?
Nordic Lab: unique, compact, ultra-low temperature vaccine storage
Grasp: mental health management with a diary without words
Mainstreaming human rights in European policies
I went from spreadsheets to proning Covid patients
Eating disorders: My BMI wasn t low enough to get help
Artist Tracey Emin says her cancer is gone
Overseas health workers to get free UK visa extension, says Home Office
Covid: Deaths in England and Wales fall 92% since January peak
Lockdown easing: What to watch for when you’re out and about
I was told my BMI wasn t low enough to get help
Rare blood clots - what you need to know
NIH Looking Into Rare Allergic Reactions to COVID Vaccines
Living With Relapsing-Remitting MS
Heart-in-a-Box Can Be Lifesaver From Distant Donors
How Is COVID-19 Affecting Our Sleep?
Women More Prone to Concussion s Long-Term Harms
Black Women Dying of COVID at Higher Rates Than White Men
Improving infection control through Safer healthcare spaces
Medical cannabis care in the era of personalised medicine
Breaking the paradigm: a new approach to wound care
Pharmacist says get vaccinated despite brother s death
Zidac Laboratories: custom-made hygiene solutions
Developing targeted hygiene to meet 21st century needs
Management and treatment of chronic pain across Europe
Covid: Unpaid carers struggled to get pain relief for terminally ill
Covid: Vaccines break link between infections and death
Big Emotions After an Adult ADHD Diagnosis
Meditation and Managing PTSD
The Fertility Issues Same-Sex Couples Face When Trying to Conceive
How Your Joints Change as You Age
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy May Help With Your Insomnia
1 in 3 COVID Survivors Have Ongoing Mental Health Issues
ADHD and Your Child’s Self-Esteem
Why Do New Cancer Diagnoses Rise at Age 65?
1 in 3 COVID Survivors Have Ongoing Mental Health Issues
Some Cancer Survivors Face Lingering Side Effects
Covid: Applause for 104-year-old Colombian who beat coronavirus - twice
Covid: Under-30s offered alternative to AstraZeneca jab
Arkansas Bans Transgender Medical Treatments for Youths
LeafCann launches South Australia medical cannabis warehouse
Livingston s Valneva vaccine shows strong immune response
Understanding air filtration and UV disinfection in a medical environment
Long Covid has destroyed me but I am fighting back
Consultus Care Nursing: providing live-in care for nearly 60 years
World Health Day 2021 spotlights equality and sustainability
Scientists develop temperature sensor to safeguard vaccine storage
Covid: Brazil has more than 4,000 deaths in 24 hours for first time
Covid: Moderna vaccine roll-out to begin in Wales
Covid-19 raises risk of depression and dementia, study suggests
Men and Women Differ on Masks During, After COVID-19: Survey
COVID: Mammogram Rates Rebound, Concerns Remain
Covid: Child vaccine trial paused over possible clot link
Covid: Trust regulator on AstraZeneca vaccine safety, Boris Johnson says
Doctors Group: Antibiotics Can Be Taken for Shorter Periods
COVID Shot Earlier in Pregnancy Better for Baby
About 40,000 U.S. Children Have Lost a Parent to COVID
NHS Covid-19 contact tracing app to share QR code venue check-ins
Covid passports: Certification is one option , vaccines minister says
Free regular COVID-19 tests for England residents
Breast cancer: New five-minute Phesgo treatment great
Speed, ease, and expertise: the only antibacterial wipes you need
Pregnancy outcomes worsened during COVID-19 pandemic
Fibromyalgia and pain: How cooking gave me my family back
Mental health: More help for new and expectant mothers in England
Coming Out Later in Life
Treatment May Help Women in Early Menopause Remain Fertile
Blood Type Doesn t Affect Your COVID Risk
MoU facilitates health innovation and medical societies collaboration 
Sudden death: Partner s heartache after her fiancé died aged 31
Coronavirus doctor s diary: How the virus has changed our sleep patterns
Vitamin D: The truth about an alleged Covid ‘cover-up’
Covid: Rapid tests to be offered twice-weekly in England
Covid: Passports showing vaccine status would be time-limited , says minister
Covid passport trials begin with live comedy night
Covid-19 and care homes: The light s back on in my mum s eyes
Covid-19: Care home residents in England allowed two visitors from 12 April
Covid-19: Seven UK blood clot deaths after AstraZeneca vaccine
Ethical Questions Surround COVID Vaccine Passports
Millennials Flock to Telehealth, Online Research
Cases in Children Helping the Surge of COVID Variants
Tips to Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy
Covid: 30 blood clot cases found in AstraZeneca recipients in the UK
Dog Detector Helps YouTuber Cope With COVID Isolation
Combo Therapy Helps Beat a Common Childhood Leukemia
Mixing Coke, Meth With Opioids Driving Rise in Deaths
Faster-Spreading COVID Variant Expanding in U.S.
Addressing and preventing choking emergencies
Can Vaccinations Stop COVID Transmission?
Poll: 1 in 4 Parents Won t Vaccinate Their Kids Against COVID
COVID: More Cancers Being Diagnosed at Later Stages
Stillbirths, Pregnancy Complications Up During Pandemic
Can Vaccinations Stop COVID Transmission?
Many Show Long-Term Organ Damage After COVID
Some Hospitalized COVID Patients Develop Seizures
CDC: COVID Third Leading Cause of Death in 2020
Covid biggest NHS challenge since World War Two, says NHS boss
Hygiene, sanitisation, and social responsibility
High-Functioning Adult ADHD: What It’s Like
Ultracold storage to accelerate medical innovation
Vaccination issues that are impacting healthcare professionals
Coronavirus: Pfizer jab stopping 91% of cases in first six months
Online resource helps deliver COVID-19 vaccines to housebound patients
Evaluation shows no cases of clotting from COVID-19 vaccines in Wales
Long Covid: More than a million affected in February, survey suggests
Evidence for puberty blockers use very low, says NICE
Lack of digital social care means people and practitioners are missing out
Changing European hemp policy
Discover the world’s first WHO PQS prequalified refrigerated vehicle
Covid-19: Few people with symptoms are self-isolating, study finds
Assisted dying inquiry essential, leading brain surgeon says
Joint Pain, Aging, and Arthritis - Understand Your Pain
Covid 19: Inside the BioNTech vaccine factory in Germany
Multiple Reasons Behind Recent Coronavirus Surges
Too Few Minorities in U.S. Health Care Workforce: Report
Will Big Drop in Common Viruses Lead to Masks Forever?
Collagen: Can It Really Help With Skin and Joints?
Higher Stroke Risk Among Younger Black Adults
Diet High in Processed Meats Could Shorten Your Life
Hundreds join Covid rule-breaching ‘music, cocktails and water fight’ party in Birmingham park
Exploring the vulnerability of coronavirus to sunlight
Covid: Children well protected by Pfizer vaccine
A service model of hip fracture prevention for older people in Hong Kong
Disability charities to benefit from £2.4m funding
Impacts of recreational and medical cannabis legalisation in Canada
Impacts of recreational and medical cannabis legalisation in Canada
Novel treatment could offer fertility hope for early menopause
Covid-19: Shielding coming to an end for millions
Coronavirus: How to help health workers mental health
Covid: Germany limits use of AstraZeneca Covid jab for under-60s
Coronavirus: More work needed to rule out lab leak theory says WHO
Young Adults Having Less Casual Sex
Brain Scraper: Why Do Some COVID Tests Hurt So Much?
How Genes Affect Lung Cancer
What Happens When You Stop Your ADHD Meds?
Salmonella Scare Drives Pet Food Recall
Couch Potato Lifestyles Cause Up to 8% of Global Deaths
Detecting bone-healing stem cells with nanotechnology
CanaQuest receives CBD Life Science R D Excellence Award
Covid: Half of UK has antibodies from vaccination or infection
Trailblazer: Amy Denet Deal
Frontline Champions: Essential Workers
Lifetime Achievement: Anthony Fauci, MD
Innovator: Taft Foley III
Connect to the best wearable devices using the healthR Platform
New test can detect COVID-19 even after mutation
New system detects and tracks COVID-19 transmission in hospitals 
Hand hygiene messaging for infection control
AstraZeneca vaccine - was it really worth it?
Covid-19: CDC head warns of impending doom in US
Long Covid: It s like someone has piled sandbags on top of me
GHB: Killer drug to be made a Class B substance
Evidence mounts Covid jab protects those around you
Covid: Secret filming exposes contamination risk at test results lab
Pot Use as a Teen, Less Success as an Adult?
CDC Director Warns of ‘Impending Doom’ as Cases Rise
Coronavirus Likely Originated in Animals: WHO Report
How Posture Changes as You Get Older
Birx: Most COVID Deaths Could Have Been Avoided
FAQ: What to Know About COVID-19 Vaccines for Kids
Gum Disease Linked to High Blood Pressure
Many Kids With Mental Health Issues Go Untreated
Those with prior COVID-19 infection have boosted immune response
The benefits of cannabis for treating chronic pain
Households of adults with weak immune systems to be vaccinated
UK early breast cancer care still effective during COVID-19
Covid: Ethnic jab gap not due to area or education
How to select the most hygienic and flexible hospital privacy screens
UK funds mental health recovery plan with £500m
Innovation in stroke treatment
Covid: Outdoor meetings and sport to resume in England
Covid jab: One dose in care homes gives substantial protection
Doctors warn against cuts to youth drug and alcohol treatment
Covid-19: More than 30m people in UK receive first jab
Covid: Don t squander gains, says Prof Stephen Powis
Covid: Boris Johnson urged to share vaccines with poorer nations
Covid: Rapid home test kits to be available for workers
Ice-cream toothache : Cold food and drinks pain explained
Over-70s could get booster Covid jab from September - vaccines minister
What to Know About Suicide Rates in Older Adults
Things People With AFib Wish You Knew
Actor Rita Wilson Reflects on Surviving Cancer, COVID
How the COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate mobile medtech innovation
A Stressed Brain Linked to Broken Heart Syndrome
Zombie Genes Spur Brain Cells to Grow After Death
Thousands of deaths prevented in UK thanks to COVID-19 vaccines
Your Mask Might Also Shield You From Allergies
Covid: Past infection increases vaccine effectiveness six-fold
Greenheart CBD: the first company to introduce a CBD DeFi token
Slight Covid uptick in older school children in England
Breakthrough study finds clues for ‘silent’ stroke treatment
Wockhardt UK: Inside the factory making the AstraZeneca vaccine
Covid: BAME doctors still waiting for risk checks
Covid rules: What is the rule of six in England?
Peloton Spurs High-Tech, High-Dollar Home Fitness Trend
Even a Little Coffee in Pregnancy May Impact Newborn s Weight
Take 10 With Jeffrey Wright
Senate Confirms First Openly Transgender U.S. Official
Coronavirus: EU urges unity as leaders meet for key vaccine summit
Top JAMA Editor Out Amid Podcast Investigation
Gen X, Millennials in Worse Health Than Prior Generations
COVID Variants Detected in Animals, May Find Hosts in Mice
Researchers identify new targets for COVID-19 antibodies
Video-based evidence on factors influencing developmental disorders
Saving lives through innovative vaccine cold chain technology
NHS blood infection scandal payments to increase
Shrewsbury baby deaths prompt midwife recruitment drive
Technology-enabled care is here to stay
Instant UV: a new paradigm to close the disinfection gap
New procedure to speed up adaptation of COVID-19 vaccines for variants
States Begin Opening COVID-19 Vaccines to All Adults
Propelling hygiene innovations in a post-COVID world
Manufacturer Always Pure Organics provides a trusted CBD supply chain
Covid-19: EU leaders to discuss boosting vaccine supplies
Covid-19: Over-50s urged to book jabs before vaccine supplies dip
Improving UK baby and child development with digitised health records
Covid: The bus journey that saved hundreds of thousands of lives
Middle-aged women worst affected by long Covid , studies find
Covid vaccine: Side effects and why it can’t give you the virus
Obesity Costs a U.S. Adult almost $1,900 per Year
Pregnant at 50: What You Need to Know
Students Try to Cope as Pandemic Strains Mental Health
Biden to Announce $81 billion for School Reopening
Variants of Variants Seen In COVID-Ravaged Brazil
Covid: Intensive-care patients moved hundreds of miles
The Power of Fiction on the Mind
Taking Supplements as You Age
Cancer Screening Rates Back to Normal After Dip
Postpartum Bleeding Doesn t Mean Hysterectomy
Revolutionising cleaning through nanotechnology
COVID-19 variants and implications for environmental hygiene
Coronavirus: EU plans tougher controls on vaccine exports
Covid: Health security body gives UK protective shield
New method developed to diagnose concussion using saliva
Ultra-low temperature storage and the vaccine cold chain
B Medical Systems give advice ahead of new medical devices regulations
Preventing COVID-19 infection of the nervous system
Concussion in sport: Saliva test is 94% accurate in rugby union trial
How Iceland clamped down to conquer coronavirus
Loneliness: Alone is ok, but being lonely - it hurts
Lockdown anniversary: Hospital workers on a year of Covid
COPD and Sex
11 Possible Heart Symptoms You Shouldn t Ignore
What You Should Know About Blood Glucose Tests as You Age
What Happens When You Stop Your ADHD Meds
Paving the Way for Diversity in Clinical Trials
Covid: The countries that nailed it, and what we can learn from them
Mary Agyapong: Pregnant nurse who died with Covid felt pressured to work
Lockdowns Gave Boost to Type 1 Diabetes Control in Kids
What to Know About the Shingles Vaccine
U.S. Pedestrian Deaths Rose in 2020, Even Though Driving Declined
UK to strengthen clinical research delivery
Nova Biologicals explores pathogen contamination in the home
Rapid, effective disinfection in the workplace
Towards the Digital Premium in residential care
Covid: Banksy painting raises £14.4m for NHS charities
Guildford care home: Daughter made to wait as mother died alone
WHO says COVID-19 highlights urgent need to end TB
Covid: Deaths below average for first time since summer
A new way to deal with high blood pressure
Overlooked brain cells could lead to new therapies for sleep disorders
Where is the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine made?
Coronavirus: How the common cold can boot out Covid
Does Medicare Pay for Home Health Care?
ADHD in Young Adults
How to Treat Knee Pain as You Age
Coming Soon: Once-a-Week Insulin Injections?
How to Choose Long-Term Care Insurance
Many Grocery Workers Still Waiting for COVID-19 Shot
XPhyto Therapeutics diversifies into psychedelics with new labs
First medical cannabis clinic approved by Scottish regulator
COVID Vaccine Eligibility a ‘Crazy Quilt’ of State Rules
Pandemic Has Many Kids Struggling With Weight
Studies show COVID-19 links with hearing loss
Coronavirus: Third wave will wash up on our shores , warns Johnson
Two trials for COVID-19 treatments launched in the UK
Covid-19: Brothers send letters to 999 ambulance stations
NHS and social care to receive £7bn COVID-19 response funding
Covid vaccine: US trial of AstraZeneca jab confirms safety
Coronavirus vaccines: PM to telephone EU leaders in bid to stop export ban being imposed
Covid: EU should not build walls around vaccines - Wallace
Covid: Masks and social distancing could last years
Coronavirus: I isolated with mum for her last 14 days
Covid-19: Half of UK adults receive first vaccine dose
Giving up alcohol: I feel like I’ve been reborn’
What happened with the AstraZeneca vaccine?
Older Adult: Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life
Why are some towns struggling to shake off Covid-19?
Tips for Losing Weight After 50
Flea Collar May Be Linked to 1,700 Pet Deaths
COVID Patients Face Higher Risk for Stroke
Living With Your Older Parents: What to Know
Study reveals impact of lockdown on people with chronic pain
Assistive Devices for Elderly People
Nutrition Guidelines for Older Adults
How to Keep Your Bones Strong as You Age
Lactose Intolerance as You Get Older
Vaccines Needed to Stop COVID s Spread
Lockdowns Put Some With Eating Disorders in Crisis
LifeVac: leading the fight against choking deaths when all else fails
UK s death rate 7% above normal in 2020
Three-quarters of over 70s in UK have COVID-19 antibodies
Discover B Medical Systems’ medical refrigerators, freezers, and transport boxes.
Michael Rosen s emotional thank you to ICU nurse
From the world’s first micro insulin pump to automated insulin delivery
Topical steroid addiction: Calls for more support for patients
Cannalean cannabis edibles for reducing cholesterol
Flu levels in Wales see remarkable suppression
Covid vaccine: PM to have AstraZeneca jab as he urges public to do the same
Coronavirus: The student nurses behind the masks
On the Front Lines: Violence Against Nurses on the Rise
CDC, WHO Create Threat Levels for COVID Variants
Xavier Becerra Confirmed as HHS Secretary
Kids ER Visits for Swallowed Magnets Soars
How to Treat Hip Pain as You Age
AstraZeneca: UK clot review confirms safety of vaccine
Could ultrasound frequencies kill coronavirus?
World s First Face Transplant in a Black Patient a Success
Fish Oil, Vitamin D Won t Prevent A-Fib: Study
UK nurse and student training to receive £25m boost
COVID-19 vaccines and the route out of the pandemic
Improved accuracy in prostate cancer treatment
Social prescribing in England receives £2m transformation investment
Covid vaccine: Government facing questions over supply to UK
Covid: From boom to bust - why lockdown hasn t led to more babies
Do not resuscitate orders reviewed by regulator
EU plans for a vaccine passport to allow travel
Prof Jonathan Van-Tam: These vaccines save lives
Hancock: Covid vaccine supplies lumpy but on course
Strawberries, Spinach, Kale Top ‘Dirty Dozen’ List Again
Living With the Side Effects of AFib
Coronavirus shielding advice to end on 1 April - Hancock
Slow Walkers at Higher Odds for Severe COVID-19
Scientists Create Human Pre-Embryo for Research
Covid-19: EU warns UK over vaccine exports
U.S. COVID Infections More Widespread Than Thought?
Covid: NHS warns of significant reduction in vaccines
Social care funding cliff edge warning from providers
Can Vaccination and Infection Rates Equal COVID Herd Immunity?
Chemical resistance of Tedlar PVF films
Opioid Use Among Older Adults
Some With Long-Haul COVID See Relief After Vaccination
Cutting-edge nanotechnology could lead to Alzheimer’s Disease test
Brain Exercises: Can They Help Older Adults?
Covid: EU plans rollout of travel certificate before summer
Covid in Europe: Vaccine suspension hits rollout as cases rise
Clinical trial launched for Type 1 Diabetes medication
Medical cannabis ‘made in Denmark’
Covid: All over-50s invited for jab in England
COVID-19 Variant of Concern has been found in England
Double mastectomy: I lost a large part of my identity
Moderna begins testing Covid-19 vaccine on babies and young children
Covid-19 disruptions killed 228,000 children in South Asia, says UN report
Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid jab safe, insists Hancock
What we wish we d known about infertility
Covid: Prioritise prisoners for coronavirus vaccine
The Gospel Truth? Covid-19 vaccines and the danger of religious misinformation
My Life With Rheumatoid Arthritis
Certain HIV Meds May Trigger Weight Gain
How I Found the Right Rheumatologist for Me
Activists Fueling Concerns About COVID Vaccine Safety
Begin Diabetes Screening at 35 if Obese, Overweight
Half of COVID Survivors Struggle With Depression
Smoking Makes a Comeback in the Pandemic
The future of robotics in healthcare
Predicting long term outcomes for pre-invasive breast cancer
‘Clean between each vaccine’: interventions could make vaccination safer
Skin swabs could be sufficient for detecting COVID-19
Manufacturing quality cannabis infused products with PURE5
Mother and newborn COVID-19 separation puts baby at risk of death
AstraZeneca vaccine: Safety experts to review jab
Covid: Charities warn cancer death rate could rise
Several Countries Suspend Use of AstraZeneca Vaccine
Ebola Survivor May Have Started Latest Outbreak -- 5 Years Later
Race Gap in Heart Health Has Changed Little in 20 Years
New Alzheimer s Drug Slows Cognitive Decline in Early Test
Low-Dose Aspirin May Help Shield You From COVID-19
Healthier 2021: Mark s Accomplishing More Than He Thought He Could
Your Prepregnancy Weight Matters
What It s Like to Live Well With Schizophrenia
Depression During Pregnancy: Know Your Risks
Pandemic Has Harmed Mental Health of Teens
Covid: UK vaccination surge expected in coming days
Discover how electrical impulses could help speed up wound healing
Covid-19: No evidence of AstraZeneca jab problems, says WHO
Discover how Finsen Tech is reducing HCAI’s with UVC technology
Gosport hospital deaths: Inquiry reviews 15,000 death certificates
Couples Everywhere Are Having More Twins
Does COVID Harm the Heart? Maybe Not
Backyard Chicken Coops Can Pose Viral Threat
General practice in the time of COVID-19
People with underlying conditions encouraged to get COVID-19 vaccine
World-first test for diagnosing and monitoring Parkinson’s Disease
FSA provides CBD product Novel Foods update
Demographic trends in hand hygiene
Covid-19: Evidence does not suggest AstraZeneca jab linked to clots, MHRA says
Covid-19: Netherlands suspends use of AstraZeneca vaccine
Psychedelic therapy could reset depressed brain
Covid: Judge rules man with learning difficulties should be vaccinated
Covid-19: Charities urge vulnerable people to book vaccines
Covid has heightened eating anxieties, say experts
Covid-19 pandemic: Italy to shut shops and schools amid infection spike
How to Talk to Your Child About ADHD
Is It Immaturity or ADHD?
When Your Child s ADHD Affects You as a Couple
Finding Love After Divorce
Covid vaccine lowers cases in Scotland s healthcare worker families
Bodybuilding After 50: What to Know
AOP Orphan: a European pioneer in the field of rare and complex diseases
Coronavirus infections levelling off in some of UK
Fourth COVID-19 vaccine authorised for use in Europe
CanaQuest medical cannabis education partnership with Canadian centre
Prioritise homeless for COVID-19 vaccine says JCVI
Biden: U.S. May Celebrate COVID ‘Independence’ by July 4
What happens if I don t get the Covid vaccine?
Twins peak with more born than ever before
When Your Aging Parents Are Difficult
Year of COVID: Everything We Thought We Knew Was Wrong
Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer
Covid vaccine: Homeless people to be prioritised
Covid: UK Biobank scans aim to reveal health legacy
Beware of COVID Vaccine Scams
Your Eyes May Signal Your Risk for Stroke, Dementia
Medical cannabis for endometriosis pain management
Depression May Follow Stroke, Women at Higher Risk
Graphene has ability to interact with functions of nervous system
Working poor hardest hit by Covid
Stirling Ultracold ULT Freezers for COVID-19 vaccine storage
Cannabis medicine for refractory epileptics should be available on NHS
Covid-19: NHS waits at record high as second wave hits care
Analysis shows 99.9% accuracy of lateral flow tests for COVID-19
Parkinson s skin-swab test in sight
AI tissue-section analysis system for diagnosing breast cancer
Cancer patients less protected after first jab
Advancing the global cannabis industry
No Surprise: Apple Study Confirms Period Cramps Exist
Fallout from JAMA Podcast Continues
Depression Rates Up as Lockdowns Prevent Exercise
Could Pollen Be Driving COVID-19 Infections?
Covid blood protein offers clues for treatments
Alzheimer s Patients Often Given Too Many Meds
The importance of prioritising brain health
Pfizer’s Vaccine Plant Has History of Recalls
Technological and digital disruption in the healthcare sector
Covid-19: False test results ruining return to school
Covid: Women more anxious and overworked amid pandemic
Pathology and cancer diagnostic services
Ensuring data informs clinical practice and delivers patient safety
New NHS Trust partnership to drive advances in healthcare innovation
Covid: Brazil experts issue warning as hospitals close to collapse
EU4Health programme welcomed by European Commission
Covid-19: NHS Test and Trace no clear impact despite £37bn budget
Normal to feel a bit unwell after Covid vaccine
Experts: COVID Relief Bill Will Aid Children’s Health
COVID an Unwelcome Companion for Spring Break 2021
Vaginal Ring Could Protect Women From HIV for 3 Months
Science Reveals Why Tea Is Good for Your Heart
COVID Lockdowns Got People Smoking More
Wearing a Mask Won t Ruin Your Workout
Endometriosis: How new treatment changed my life
Examining the neurological impacts of COVID-19
Subcommittee reviews flu-like illness in COVID-19 vaccinated individuals
Pay rise was set to be 2.1% - NHS England chief Simon Stevens
Impact of COVID-19 on healthcare staff welfare
Covid-19: Don t think pandemic is over, Whitty warns
NHSX leading digital transformation of NHS
Covid online symptom checker may delay treatment
If Covid didn t kill me, nothing ever will
Empowering the patient-doctor relationship with digital technology
Rapid detection of cognitive impairment and dementia with new test
New US guidance says fully vaccinated people can meet without masks
Covid vaccines: How fast is progress around the world?
Coronavirus testing: How to do a lateral flow test at home
Covid-19: Nightingale hospitals to close from April
Healthier 2021: Bill Found New Motivation
COVID-19 Isolation and Your Baby’s Immune System
Schizophrenia and Relationships
CDC: Vaccinated People Can Gather Indoors Without Masks
Global Warming Could Make Life in Tropics Impossible
Boris Johnson: Inevitable Covid transmission risk with schools return
Pandemic Stress Has More People Grinding Their Teeth
Spincare study shows promising results for treating wounds and burns
Covid: Daughter allowed to hold mum s hands in care home
Global Breast Cancer Initiative launched to reduce mortality
Experimental Drug May Fight Type 1 Diabetes
Role of crisis management and civil protection in COVID-19 pandemic
Call for evidence to improve health and care for UK women
Killing microorganisms with ultra-shortwave UV light
Covid-19: School rapid test cannot be overruled, says minister
Clinical study shows natural formulation reduces endometriosis pain
Spinal muscular atrophy: Gene therapy approved by NHS
Infection prevention and control during COVID-19
Covid: Dalai Lama urges others to get vaccinated as he receives first shot
Covid: Nurses condemn fundamentally flawed PPE rules
Covid-19: Vaccine offers for those aged 56 or over
Women s health: Female patients to be asked about gender health gap
COVID-19 Testing Drops, Still Essential, Experts Say
What is going on with government Covid contracts?
Covid-19: Mystery UK person with Brazil variant found
Covid-19: Vaccinated NHS staff numbers vary across England
Tackling drug-resistant infections: from evidence to action
Fewer Illicit Drug Seizures Seen During Lockdowns
Big Paychecks Pay Off in Self-Confidence
Readers Listen When Posts Are Flagged Unverified
UK mental health support funding boost for children and young people
COVID-19 impact on brain could cause mental health problems
UVC disinfection of CT scanners with Johns Hopkins University
Covid: Mental health money for children s services
Formaldehyde in Hair Straighteners Prompts FDA Warning
Medical cannabis research and treatment in Australia
Discover the cannabis landscape in Israel with iCAN
International Women s Day: Illustrating the Covid-19 pandemic
Cannabis cultivation and policy in Canada
Medicinal cannabis policy and research in Europe
Coronavirus infection levels continue to drop in the UK
XPhyto’s new PCR test has potential to transform diagnostics
Reducing antibiotic prescribing with rapid POC respiratory infection test
Covid-19: Ministers urged to give NHS heroes better pay rise
Innovation in hand hygiene: automated touch-free handwashing
Covid: Fresh air key to safer classrooms
Covid: Asthma patients refused vaccine by some GPs
Covid variants: What happens when a virus mutates?
Covid 19: His mental health has suffered all along
Public Health Experts Slam States’ Moves to Ditch Masks
As Vaccines Roll Out, Will Risky Behavior Increase?
As Vaccines Roll Out, Will Risky Behavior Increase?
Moderna COVID Vaccine May Trigger Skin Reactions
Hispanic People at Risk for Heart Disease Going Untreated
Covid-19: Another new variant added to UK watch list
JAMA Podcast on Racism in Medicine Faces Backlash
Prize-winning migraine experts hope for a cure
Sleep Issues a Long-Term Effect of Concussions
She Survives Severe COVID, Gets Illness Seen in Kids
Reopening Long-Term Care Facilities ‘an Absolute Necessity
UK provides £100m funding to help tackle obesity
New guidance for prevention and control of T-lymphotropic virus type 1
COVID-19 and crisis management in Europe
Natural pacemaker discovery changes understanding of heart anatomy
Deafness, communication and policy in Europe
COVID-19 vaccine modifications to be fast-tracked to tackle variants
Covid-19: New vaccines for variants to be fast-tracked
Covid: React study finds virus decline slowing in England
Houston Has a Problem: All the COVID Variants of Concern
Why Blood Type May Matter for COVID Infection
Kids’ Dental Anesthesia: What Parents Should Know
NIH Halts Trial of Convalescent Plasma for Mild COVID-19
Social Media, Kids Binge Eating Often Go Together
Choosing Generic Rx Drugs Could Save Medicare Billions
Quantifying the transmission risk of airborne viruses indoors and outdoors
Exploring UVC disinfection safety concerns in light of COVID-19
Gama Healthcare: preventing infections in healthcare settings
Covid: Oxford vaccine does protect older people, Europe told
Drug shows promise for Alzheimer’s by preventing amyloid plaque build-up
Nanoparticle-delivered COVID-19 vaccine shows strong efficacy
Improving water disinfection could help prevent antibiotic resistance spread
The added value of simulation-based training in healthcare
Covid-19: Dolly Parton marks vaccination with Jolene rewrite
Uncovered mechanism may provide new therapeutic strategy for epilepsy
Covid vaccine being tested in patients with low immunity
Biden Vows Enough COVID Vaccine for Every Adult in May
WebMD Survey: Many Parents Back Kid, Teacher COVID Shots
Skipping Mammograms Raises Odds for Breast Cancer
Could ADHD Raise Odds for More Psychiatric Illnesses?
Covid and dementia - let them see their families
Black, Hispanic Communities Concern Over Dementia
Children s doctors given fabricated illness guidance
Strep Throat Doesn t Worsen Tourette s, May Affect ADHD
Telestroke Care at Hospitals Is Improving Patient Outcomes
Diffusion-weighted imaging could reduce biopsies in breast cancer screenings
Pot May Not Be the Best Rx for a Migraine
Covid Brazil variant may spread more easily
Covid: France approves AstraZeneca vaccine for over-65s
Covid-19: Regular tests a game-changer for schools, says science adviser
Data confirms vaccines are effective in reducing COVID-19 severity
Ribosomes offer the potential for new antibiotics
What does Covid testing in schools look like?
T cells key to severity of COVID-19 outcomes
The Emotional Side of Lung Cancer
Home Schooling: Pros, Cons, and What You Need to Know
What Are the Different Parenting Styles?
Professor Van-Tam: One dose of vaccine reducing hospitalisation by 80%
A Day in the Life of My Heart Failure
I Was Young and Full of Plans -- RA Was a Detour I Didn t Expect
Covid vaccines cut risk of serious illness by 80%
Healthier 2021: You ve Got to Believe in Yourself
Can You Get Rid of Pregnancy Stretch Marks?
Get Your 5 a Day Fruits Veggies to Live Longer
U.S. Flu Vaccinations Hit New Record High This Season
Pandemic Unemployment Has Taken Its Own Deadly Toll
Single cell sequencing technology could find drugs that eradicate cancer
Protein kinase inhibitors could offer a new HIV treatment option
Prosthetist fundraising £300,000 for a bionic arm after cycling accident
Large bone marrow cells may be responsible for COVID-19 brain fog
Covid: Teachers risk similar to other under-65s
Substance could help develop Alzheimer’s medications
Covid-19: Critical care beds shortage prompts calls for review
Could vitamin B6 help prevent COVID-19 cytokine storms?
Covid-19: Officials hunt Brazil virus variant case in England
Coronavirus: False vaccine claims debunked
Tips for New Moms During the First Few Weeks
Covid-19: More than 20 million in UK have had first jab - Hancock
Covid-19: People aged 60 to 63 in England to get jab invites from Monday
Covid-19: How would an NHS vaccine passport app work?
Alternatives to Breastfeeding
DVT Cases and COVID: What Are the Links?
COVID: Mental Health Epidemic in Communities of Color
Rheumatoid Arthritis Meds May Help Fight Severe COVID
Face Shields May Cut COVID Spread in Hair Salons
Coronavirus spread slowed by vaccines, study suggests
Healthier 2021: Mark Has Some Challenges Ahead
Superstructures could help grow neurons for regenerative medicine
We couldn’t afford fertility treatment so we risked finding a sperm donor on Facebook
Positive opinion for hereditary angioedema medicine for use in patients over 12
Vaccine group phase two: What age groups are they vaccinating next?
Decreasing levels of coronavirus across the UK
New COVID-19 testing chip can deliver results on smartphone
Global COVID-19 oxygen emergency impacting half a million people
Over-40s next in line to get a Covid vaccine
Study shows 13.9% of people in England with COVID-19 antibodies
Queen urges people to think about others by taking Covid jab
Government agrees to call pregnant women mothers
Young vulnerable people receive vaccine
NHS nurse who inspired four of her children to be nurses
Masks Vital to Stopping COVID at Gyms
Longer Allergy Season, Pollen Travels Farther
Setting Curfews for Your Teens
Why Is Liver Cancer More Lethal for Black Patients?
Mental Illness Not a Factor in Most Mass Shootings
Very Low COVID Infection Rate Among Dental Hygienists
Mediterranean Diet Could Keep Aging Brains Sharp
$52 Million Campaign to Push COVID Vaccinations
What Happened to Flu Season?
High BP in Pregnancy Could Affect Women s Hearts Long Term
New treatment strategy to fight post-transplant infection
New therapy could revolutionise treatment for fatal Sanfilippo Syndrome
Identifying autism blood biomarkers with machine learning
Less invasive method discovered for diagnosing potential for Alzheimer’s
XPhyto’s moonshot aims to disrupt PCR testing  
Serco: Test and trace firm s boss defends scheme
Johnson and Johnson vaccine: FDA finds the single-shot jab safe
UK people with learning disabilities to be prioritised for COVID-19 vaccine
Covid: Half with cancer signs didn t contact GP in first wave
Single Mom by Choice: What You Need to Know
COVID in Pregnancy, Higher Odds for Preemie Delivery
Tips for Breastfeeding: What I Wish I Knew
Manage Your Anger as Parents
J J Vaccine May Block Spread of Coronavirus, FDA Says
Tiger Woods Injuries Significant, Long Recovery Predicted
Covax vaccine plan: What is it and how will it work?
Will New Federal COVID Guidance Lead to Open Schools?
Healthier 2021: Sometimes It s Okay to Splurge
COVID No More Deadly for People With Asthma
Cancer Patients Worry Pandemic Will Impact Care
New therapeutic target for Huntington’s disease treatment
New Coronavirus Variant Surging in California
Pregnant women pass protective COVID-19 antibodies to babies
Exercise May Help Curb Migraine Attacks
New rapid COVID-19 diagnostic tests can differentiate between variants
Covid: WHO scheme Covax delivers first vaccines
Jo Whiley welcomes vaccine prioritisation for people with learning disabilities
Digital self-monitoring can help with significant weight loss
People with learning disabilities to be prioritised for Covid vaccine
NHSX unveils new digital health technologies assessment
Women to trial do-it-at-home smear tests for NHS
COVID-19: Is It Time for Optimism?
DVT: What People Who’ve Had It Want You to Know
Parenting: What’s It Like to Have Three Kids?
Why Some Super Ager Folks Keep Minds Dementia-Free
Guys, Exercise Helps Aging Hearts, Testosterone Won t
Are Depression and Anxiety Meds OK During Pregnancy?
Ways COVID Is Changing Americans Values
Tens of Thousands of Virus Species Live in Your Gut
I Hated Being Pregnant: Here’s How I Got Through It
Healthcare workers to help tackle COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy
Loss of Smell From COVID Can Last Many Months
Scientists identify compound to reverse neuron damage from ALS
Gabby Logan: Involve men in menopause discussion
World’s first COVID-19 vaccination compensation scheme launched
Born in Lockdown: Mothers stories of giving birth in 2020
Target for stroke therapy discovered in blood brain barrier
Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine provides protection from first dose
Matt Hancock: This is on everyone to act together to hit deadline dates
Covid-19: Lockdown easing to make life incomparably better
Co-parenting: How to Do It Right
500,000 Americans Now Dead from COVID-19
Tips for Single Parents
Preparing for Baby: What I Wish I Knew
Safe Sleeping: Keep Baby in the Crib, Not Your Bed
Heartburn Raises Odds for Esophageal, Larynx Cancers
Tips for Single Dads
Making Baby Part of Your New Mom Workout
New Hope for Better Macular Degeneration Treatments
Healthier 2021: Laura s Boosting Her Immune System
Pregnant Women Face Higher Odds of COVID Infection
Understanding COVID-19 transmission in lower temperatures
Covid vaccines - spectacular impact on serious illness
Transplant Patient Dies After Getting Covid-Infected Lungs
New Drug Combo Could Help Treat Uterine Fibroids
Results from world’s first MDMA alcohol use disorder trial
Equitable COVID-19 vaccine access for low- and middle-income countries
Calls for investment to reduce pancreatic cancer deaths in Europe
Covid vaccine: Confidential offer for HIV patients
Controlled visits for UK care home residents
Covid: Vaccines having big impact on hospitalisation risk
Covid and PTSD: Dispelling misconceptions on those who may have it and why
Covid: Boris Johnson to unveil cautious plan to lift England s lockdown
Glasses-wearers up to three times less likely to catch coronavirus, study suggests
Covid: WHO pleads with Tanzania to start reporting cases
Jo Whiley: It s been the worst week of our lives
Coronavirus: What Europeans have learned from a year of pandemic
Israel eases restrictions following vaccine success
Child heart transplants: I m ecstatic I got such an amazing gift
Child heart transplants: Record year for new-style operations
Coronavirus doctor s diary: Don t ask me which vaccine is best, please
Covid vaccine: All UK adults to be offered jab by 31 July - PM
Bird flu: Russia detects first case of H5N8 bird flu in humans
Covid: Confusion over gestational diabetes advice
Ambulance delays led to secondary Covid victims
Covid-19: Care home residents in England to be allowed one visitor
Covid-19 lockdown: Britain s plague village
Covid and diabetes: My story
A Third of COVID Survivors Have Long-Haul Symptoms
Urinary Incontinence in Women Common, but Treatable
Want a Vaccine With That? Drive-Thru COVID Shots Recommended
Heart Damage Seen in Many Hospitalized With COVID
Healthier 2021: Mark Celebrates Small Victories
Communities of Color Struggle to Get Vaccines
Drinking Too Much During the Pandemic?
Brazil: Can you vaccinate a whole town against Covid?
Choosing better lung cancer treatments with machine learning
Covid: Matt Hancock acted unlawfully over pandemic contracts
‘New era’ for multiple sclerosis with £3.7m funding for research
Scientists create most detailed 3D scan of congenital heart disease
Covid vaccine passports could discriminate, experts warn
Meet the first pet getting the animal OBE
UK sees further drop in coronavirus numbers
UK funds long-COVID research projects with £18.5m
Covid vaccines: Boris Johnson pledges surplus to poorer countries at G7
New drug could be a ‘gamechanger’ for treating obesity
Now Norway is offering drug-free treatment to people with psychosis
No Covid variants found on London Tubes, buses and stations
Covid: Health workers appeal to PM for better personal protection
COVID Deaths High When Hospitalized With Diabetes
Kids Robust Immune Systems May Shield From COVID
Covid: Three in 10 care home staff in England not vaccinated
Healthier 2021: Bill s Using His Scale and Food Log to Keep Him on Track
Take a Painkiller Before Your COVID Vaccine?
Adaptive Yoga Opens This Practice to Everyone
£1m grant to improve cancer self-management and data collection
Tougher State Gun Laws, Less Teen Gun Violence
Scientists track how Osmium reacts in single cancer cell
UK to Infect Healthy Volunteers in Challenge Trial
U.S. Life Expectancy Drops 1 Full Year Due to COVID-19
TB vaccine could protect babies against new infectious diseases
Europe takes action in preparation for new variants of COVID-19
Covid-19: Record number of students apply for nursing
Dogs from Milton Keynes charity trained to sniff out prostate cancer
Smart inhaler could improve asthma management
World’s first human COVID-19 study begins in the UK
Innovation in rare diseases: improving patient care for blood cancer
Covid-19: What are challenge trials and why do we need them?
Long Covid: MPs call for compensation for key workers
Covid: Ethnicity vaccine gaps in over-70s
Strong decline in coronavirus across England since January, React study shows
Conservative Radio Pioneer Rush Limbaugh Dies at 70
Homemade Apps Help Crowdsource COVID Vaccines
U.K. COVID Variant May Be More Lethal
Daytime Napping May Be in Your Genes
Autopsies May Explain Brain Fog From COVID
Many Have Skipped Medical Care During Pandemic
Severe COVID-19 Linked With Changes in Eyes
Prediabetes May Harm Your Brain
What Causes Herpes Cold Sores? New Research
Xphyto expects approval for 25-minute COVID-19 RT-PCR test
Healthier 2021: Laura s Practicing Self-Care
First aid training and delivery in the UK with the British Red Cross
Osteoporosis diagnosis, prevention, and treatment
FRESH 3D-printing could revolutionise organ transplantation
Transforming healthcare by linking performance measures to quality and high value activity
Hydrogel more beneficial for wound management than traditional methods
COVID-19 variants confirmed in United Kingdom
Covid: Seven symptoms should trigger virus test, study says
Covid-19: World s first human trials given green light in UK
How big data can help to save billions of euros in healthcare costs
Covid: How will we know if the vaccine is working?
Hospital waiting list may double to 10m by April
Covid: Trials test the efficacy of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine on children
‘People are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel’
Programs Helps COVID Long Haulers Recover
More Legal Pot, More Teens Are Lighting Up
More Young U.S. Women Are Dying From Heart Disease
When Will Kids Get COVID Vaccines?
Most healthcare apps not up to NHS standards
Risk of Death From COVID in Nursing Homes: Race Matters
LeafCann Group signs landmark distribution agreement
COVID Death Risk Is 3.5 Times That of Influenza
The need for digital reform in the social care sector
Covid in Scotland: Youngest pupils to return to classrooms
UK could see introduction of over-the-counter contraceptive pill
Covid: Extra 1.7m vulnerable added to shielding list
COVID-19 and the fight against antimicrobial resistance
Innovation, collaboration, and policy during COVID-19
Another new coronavirus variant seen in the UK
Exploring innovation in lung health during COVID-19
Using machine learning to find COVID-19 treatment options
Jo Whiley: I d give up my Covid vaccine in a heartbeat
Covid vaccine impact revealed in over-80s blood tests
All vulnerable adults in the UK now vaccinated against COVID-19
Covid in Scotland: Sturgeon set to confirm phased return to schools
Concerning rise in pre-teens self-injuring
Disturbing hallucinations increase during lockdown for blind people
Covid-19: PM urges optimistic but patient approach to pandemic
Covid-19: Vaccine as good in real world as in trial in Israel
Rambam Hospital adopts Nanomedic’s Wound-Healing Spincare System
New and definitive diagnosis method for irritable bowel syndrome
Covid: No evidence schools spread lots of coronavirus
From vision to reality: the rise of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector
Prisons and COVID-19: benefits of employing microbiological laboratories
Governments must act on China’s forced organ harvesting
Covid-19: Millions of asthmatics must wait for vaccine
Coronavirus: Plan to exit lockdown cautious but irreversible , says Boris Johnson
Covid: Equalities watchdog urged to investigate UK s pandemic response
Covid: Concern at vaccine disparity in BAME health staff
UK support will help with COVID-19 vaccinations in Pakistan
Brain and spinal fluid changes indicate Alzheimer’s years before onset
Vital steps towards understanding the origins of Parkinson’s disease
Matt Hancock: Third of social care staff still not vaccinated
Covid-19: Hotel quarantine comes into force in UK
Guinea declares Ebola epidemic: First deaths since 2016
Covid: New phase begins after first vaccine target hit in England
Covid: Should we double mask face coverings?
Covid-19: More than 15 million in UK given first vaccine dose
Covid infecting humans through animal host probable
Covid: Boris Johnson optimistic over easing of restrictions
The NHS vaccination bus providing easier access to Covid jabs
Coronavirus: Athletes urge prime minister to save sports facilities
Covid: South Africa variant found in Hampshire village
Covid: We could live with virus like we do flu by end of year, says Hancock
Covid-19: Paramedics in Oxford trial home testing
Mini pill contraception could be sold in pharmacies for the first time
Covid: Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine to be tested on children
Covid: No evidence that vaccinations harm fertility
Covid vaccine: Over-70s urged to get vaccine as UK nears target
Expert Tips for Teachers When Schools Reopen
CDC Says Schools Can Safely Reopen, But Will They?
Covid: France says just one jab needed for previously infected
Southern California Is Origin of New COVID-19 Variant
Is Any Amount of Coffee Safe for Baby During Pregnancy?
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