Sunday 4 June 2023
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Sudan conflict: Caesarean by phone light - giving birth in a warzone
Do You Need A Full-Body MRI Scan? Probably Not, Experts Say
Anxiety, Your Brain, and Long COVID: What the Research Says
Doctors, Researchers Work Hard to Improve Crohn’s Disease Treatments
Doctor: What My Patients Have Taught Me About Crohn’s
The Wisdom of Morrie: An Antidote to Today’s Loneliness Epidemic
Schizophrenia: Fighting the FDA for Clozapine Access
Frimley Park Hospital apologises over girl s cancer diagnosis delay
Eating disorder group pulls chatbot sharing diet advice
Breast cancer: Woman s reconstruction delayed three times
Multi-cancer blood test shows real promise in NHS study
Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: Q A With Kevin Kalinsky, MD
‘BE FAST’: Time and Support Key for Younger Stroke Patients
Planning Financially for Myasthenia Gravis
Living with bigger boobs made me want to hide
Daniel Knott: Mum s heartbreak at online video of son s body
Organ donation rules change in NI as Dáithí s Law takes effect
Boris Johnson says he has handed over Covid WhatsApps
Health alert system aims to cut heatwave deaths
Argentina allows morning-after pill to be bought over counter
Every Canadian cigarette will soon carry a health warning
About 1 in 3 With Diabetes Have Unknown Heart Risk: Study
Menopause and periods guidance is a magnificent step forward
Mental health services that fail to improve could be shut, says watchdog
‘Exciting Time’: FDA Commissioner Talks AI and Misinformation
NHS backs new wafer to prevent migraines
Lola Pearce: Brain tumour patient meets EastEnders star
James Paget Hospital issued CQC warning over maternity unit
Southampton researchers design app to help treat lazy eye
Researchers find oldest evidence of the plague in Britain
Appalling NI gynaecology waits under rapid review
Psoriasis: Tips for Wearing Makeup
Living Day to Day With Psoriasis
Psoriasis and Body Image
Are Psoriasis and Allergies Linked?
The Paleo Diet and Your Cholesterol
High Cholesterol in Younger People
Yoga and Cholesterol
Can Statins Cause Brain Fog?
Living With the Side Effects of AFib
Things People With AFib Wish You Knew
Best Time of Day to Exercise for Type 2 Diabetes
Can HPV Cause Breast Cancer? Research Shows Potential Link
What Type of Inherited Retinal Dystrophy Do You Have?
How Genetics Are Involved
Being Diagnosed With Inherited Retinal Dystrophy
Early Diagnosis and Why It Matters
Gene and Cell Therapies Used in Treatment
Covid: Top Chinese scientist says don’t rule out lab leak
Vaping: Government plans underage crackdown
The Nuances of Treating Vitiligo in People of Color
Treating Vitiligo: Build a Care Team You Trust
Flesh-eating bug: Mum s warning after she nearly dies from disease
IVF patients need more mental health support, charity says
Met Police to stop attending mental health calls
East Kent: A decade of failure in maternity care
After Tragedy of Stillbirth, She Set Out to Help Others
Primodos: Pregnancy test damages claims thrown out by judge
Pupils say they struggle to access period products
US doctor faces hearing over story of 10-year-old s abortion
East Kent maternity deaths: CQC considered shutting unit
PPE: Supplier of millions of not fit for use gowns received £47m dividends
Neuralink: Elon Musk s brain chip firm says US approval won for human study
Can a Saliva Test Predict the Best Way to Manage Obesity?
Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: How We’re Learning to Treat It More Effectively
Amid Therapy Waitlists, New AI Coach May Be Quicker Option
Monkeypox: London sees rise in cases in last month
HIV: Getting Past the Fear
Tick-Borne Powassan Virus Can Kill -- How to Protect Yourself
Exercise Might Boost Your Tolerance for Pain
New superbug-killing antibiotic discovered using AI
Government not taking appalling alcohol harm seriously, MPs say
Five hospitals at risk of collapse to be rebuilt
Hi-Tech Implant Helps Paralyzed Man Walk More Naturally
Promoting vapes to kids is ridiculous, says Rishi Sunak
Vaping: How do you quit e-cigarettes?
Wirral mum in coma lands back in UK after £50k raised
Health boss says obesity bigger health impact than Covid long term
Is the past year s spike in strike action here to stay?
Young mental health patients at risk in child wards
Plant-based diets good for the heart
Shop around on NHS app to shorten wait for treatment
Mouth On Fire : Help for the Often Misdiagnosed Condition TMD
Standard Tests May Underestimate Severity of Sleep Apnea in Black Patients
Less Invasive Procedure for Leaky Heart Valves Proves Successful
Watch: Brain implants help paralysed man to walk again
Do Weight Loss Drugs Like Ozempic Cause Hair Loss?
First UK death linked to zombie drug xylazine
Brain implants help paralysed man to walk again
Lucy Letby trial: Nurse says dirty ward was factor in baby deaths
Who Does Your Doctor Work For?
Jennie Gow: BBC F1 broadcaster tells of stroke recovery
Work pressures driving nurses and midwives away
Tavistock: Top doctor questions need for change at gender clinic
People paying for operations up by third since Covid pandemic
HIV Stress and Side Effects: What to Know
Aging With HIV
What I Want You to Know About Living With HIV
HIV: Managing Setbacks
Donor Hearts From Patients With COVID Tied to Lower Survival
PTSD, Other Mental Health Ills Haunt Gunshot Survivors
ADHD and Your Child’s Self-Esteem
ADHD in Children: Focus on the Positives
Things Parents of Kids With ADHD Wish You Knew
FDA Approves New Nasal Spray to Reverse Overdoses
Childhood ADHD Feelings Chart
The Weird World of Hydrogels: How They’ll Change Health Care
Essex GP struck off over sexually motivated examination
What Happens When You Stop Your ADHD Meds?
Big Emotions After an Adult ADHD Diagnosis
Neurodiversity: What Is It?
Adult ADHD: Finding The Right Therapy
ADHD in Young Adults
What Happens When You Stop Your ADHD Meds
Prime: Caffeine warnings should be clearer, says expert
Myles Bradbury victim: I won t let abuse by doctor affect my entire life
Junior doctors in England to strike for three days in June
35,000 cases of sexual misconduct or violence in NHS in five years
Vaping: High lead and nickel found in illegal vapes
Swallowed Razors, Magnets, and More: New Advice for Doctors
New Moms Breastfed Longer During Pandemic
Severe Asthma and Lung Cancer: What’s the Link?
Geographic Atrophy: Caring for a Loved One Losing Their Sight
My Life With Geographic Atrophy
Geographic Atrophy: An Expert’s Perspective
Caring for Your Mental, Social, and Emotional Well-being With Geographic Atrophy
Ireland to introduce alcohol label health warning
Graeme Souness: Football legend to swim Channel for butterfly skin girl
BBC s Naga Munchetty reveals womb condition adenomyosis
Bristol motorcycle event for men s mental health returns
Stillborn babies should have legal rights
Junior doctors in Scotland offered 14.5% pay rise
Sadiq Khan: London mayor says he has PTSD after death threats
Ryan Reynolds: Actor s tribute to seven year old cancer victim
Labour proposes new NHS targets on reducing deaths
Labour s NHS plan will offer patients more choice, Wes Streeting says
Utrogestan: Menopause pill supply restricted over shortages
Breast Cancer Under 40: Q A With Ann Partridge, MD, MPH
Rare Disease Families Advocate For Change
FDA Approves First Pill to Treat Moderate-to-Severe Crohn s
Fat Growing Around Muscles Could Be a Silent Killer
Weight Loss Drug Helps Half of Teens in Study Tackle Obesity
Bipolar Disorder: I hit the fire alarm and evacuated an airport
The Impact of Weight Bias – As-Told-To With Joe Nadglowski, President/CEO, Obesity Action Coalition
Ukraine war: PTSD a growing problem for health ministry
Use private sector more for NHS patients - Labour
Offer gene test to stroke patients, NHS told
Weight Gain Before 30 Raises Risk of Fatal Prostate Cancer, Study Says
Mpox Virus Can Replicate on Surfaces for Days
Scientists May Understand Link Between Common Virus MS
Early-Life Smartphone Use Tied to Poorer Mental Health in Gen Z
Lucy Letby trial: Nurse accuses doctors of conspiracy against her
Vaping: Tighter rules calls amid rise in children using vapes
What I’ve Learned From My Patients About the Challenges of Psoriatic Arthritis
Gosport hospital drug deaths: Police identify 19 suspects
Brentwood mum criticises test labelling one twin son overweight
Antibiotics: Mum told to crush up pills for strep A baby
West NHS clinic to offer depression magnet therapy
Ageing body scans to aid understanding of why diseases occur
Spotlight: Trends I See in Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment
U.S. Will Fund Study of Safe Injection Sites Despite Pushback
COVID Emergency Over, but Hundreds Are Still Dying Weekly
Lucy Letby trial: Triplet boys deaths were harrowing, says nurse
How to check if you have skin cancer: Symptoms and signs to look out for
Building work pending for many of 40 promised hospitals
Most Crohn’s and Liver Disease Info on TikTok Is Accurate: Studies
Could Vitamin D Supplements Help People With Long COVID?
Most Crohn’s and Liver Disease Info on TikTok Is Accurate: Studies
Two poultry workers test positive for bird flu
Guidelines For Kids with Obesity: Family and Treatment Are Key
Marijuana Can Affect Fetal Development, Even If Used Early in Pregnancy
Hypnosis Can Be Powerful Therapy – But Will It Work for You?
Nurses strike because patients are dying - RCN union boss Pat Cullen
Hypnosis Can Be Powerful Therapy – But Will It Work for You?
Needle-free Covid vaccination trials taking place in Cambridge
Face mask rule easing a good thing , says health boss Jason Leitch
Teachers and nurses dragged into higher taxes, warns think tank
Do not resuscitate: Man choked to death after paramedics stood down
How to check if you have skin cancer: Symptoms and signs to look out for
Dirty-bomb antidote: Drug trial begins in US
I ve been stuck in my bedroom for two years
Rare skin condition leads to stares and comments from strangers
Davina McCall and Sir Salman Rushdie win at British Book Awards
Hundreds of Derby cancer patients get tattoo-free treatment
Record numbers not working due to ill health
Online depression therapy given go-ahead in England
Marijuana Users Have Triple the Odds for Leg Artery Disease (Study)
Study Shows Season, Time of Day When Suicidal Thoughts Most Likely
Will AI Perpetuate or Eliminate Health Disparities?
Obesity Drugs Plus Surgery Add Up to More Weight Loss: Study
Florida professor breaks record for time spent living underwater
How to check if you have skin cancer: Symptoms and signs to look out for
How to check if you have skin cancer: Symptoms and signs to look out for
Baby heart death parents left waiting 14 months for answers
Senior doctor strike ballot opens over pay dispute
Gemma Collins: We ve got to talk about women s incontinence
I don t have ADHD, but three private clinics say I do
Allergy deaths: London mothers renew plea for government tsar
ADHD: Private clinics exposed by BBC undercover investigation
Scrap tax on sunscreen, say cancer charities
Pat Cullen: Nursing union calls for double-digit pay rise to restart talks
Hepatitis C home test kits available to most-at-risk in England
Ways to Celebrate Without Alcohol
Magnetic Pen Set Stabilizes Writing for Parkinson’s Patients
Cervical Cancer Screenings Double With Mailed DIY Kits
Herpes deaths: Surgeon and midwife argued over Caesarean, inquest told
NHS: The international nurses who are crucial to West Suffolk Hospital
NI budget: Dentists warn that services face collapse if hit by cuts
Brazilian butt lifts barred at Wolverhampton beauty clinic
The Christie: World-renowned NHS centre downgraded by watchdog
Hospital boss claims unfair dismissal after chairman bullied her
Black Patients Less Likely to Get Treatment for Opioid Overdose
The Impact of Weight Bias
Patients group looks for community ownership of GP surgeries
Monkeypox: WHO declares global emergency over
Skin Patch Could Help Ease Peanut Allergy in Toddlers
Post-COVID, Building Health Matters, Too
Smell and taste loss conference in Norwich to help clinicians
Parkinson s disease: New research could reveal early causes
Monkey dust drug clampdown could be coming in UK
NHS misses targets in England to tackle care backlogs
Autistic teenager was stuck on general hospital ward for months
Figures show maternal death rate race disparity
Why tall, leggy people run faster in the heat
FDA Advisers Recommend Over-the-Counter Birth Control Pills
Surgery Beats Targeted Radiation for Early Stage Lung Cancer
Toxins From Grilling, Smoking Car Exhaust Could Raise Odds for RA
Runner Molly Seidel on Making Strides With her ADHD
‘You Can t Faze Me: Marathoner Molly Seidel on Her ADHD Diagnosis
Doctors Urged to Minimize Their Own Weight Bias and Stigma
Apprentice doctors considered in radical NHS plan
The grandfather they said would never walk again
Somerset: Pioneering spine surgery helping patients to recover
Shocking lack of evidence on antidepressants for chronic pain
Poor diabetes care may be behind 7,000 excess deaths
Baby born from three people s DNA in UK first
How the End of the COVID Public Health Emergency May Affect You
Federal Task Force Suggest Mammograms Start at 40, Not 50
Sleepwalking and Insomnia: What’s the Connection?
Should All U.S. Newborns Undergo Genomic Testing?
Household Factors Can Raise a Child s Odds for IBD
Emerade adrenaline pen users urged to swap brands
Are there 2,000 more GPs than before the pandemic?
Pharmacy prescriptions plan needs investment, says Southampton GP
For Some LASIK Patients, Complications Damage Mental Health
GB News in ‘significant breach’ of Ofcom rules over Covid vaccine claims
Can You Inherit COPD?
Genetic COPD: My Story
Diagnosing Genetic COPD
Managing Genetic COPD
Treating AAT Deficiency and COPD
Charlotte Henshaw: Paralympic champion on challenges of being an athlete with endometriosis
Cambridge: NHS managers covering up issues - whistleblower
Chelmsford mum who missed baby s birth determined to recover
Ambulance staff to strike in south-east England
Lip fillers: Call for tighter regulation after botched treatments
What the NHS is learning from Brazil
New GP plan asks more patients to use pharmacies
Finding a Path Forward: Runner Molly Seidel Takes Control of her ADHD
New Hope Against Painful Skin Issues Caused by Radiation Therapy
Finding a Path Forward: Runner Molly Seidel Takes Control of her ADHD
Everyday Internet Use by Older Adults Might Help Keep Dementia at Bay
Antibiotic Cuts Risk of HIV, STDs After Exposure, Study Says
For Long COVID Parents, Everyday Life Is Still a Struggle
Scores of local pharmacies closing across England
Managing Pain When You Have an Addiction
How to Choose the Right Place for Alcohol or Drug Rehab
Life After Alcohol
Shortage of Research Monkeys Puts U.S. at Risk for Health Emergencies
Life After Opioids
Banning Flavored Vapes May Help Teens Quit
Talking to Family and Friends About Your Drinking
Addiction and Pain Management
Do You Have an Addictive Personality?
Medications for Alcohol Dependence
Am I a High-Functioning Alcoholic? Know the Signs
Rising Interest in Weight-Loss Meds Despite Cost, Side Effects
Doctors Perform First Surgery on Baby s Brain in the Womb
WHO Officially Calls End to Global COVID-19 Health Emergency
Wegovy U.S. Supply Shortage Strikes Again
Covid global health emergency is over, WHO says
Vaccines: Pre-school uptake in Northern Ireland in steady decline, report says
Young blind people in Scotland ‘risk losing independence’
Deaf Awareness Week 2023: I want to be a role model for other deaf people
World not ready for next pandemic, says Bupa boss
Dangerous Infections in Preemie Babies May Begin in the Gut
Experimental Drug Significantly Slows Alzheimer s: Study
The Amazing Things We Can Learn From Hospital Clowns
New Risk Factors, Better Treatments for AFib: What to Know
Rise in UK measles cases causing concern
US drug regulator approves world s first RSV vaccine
Is this anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist the next Alex Jones?
New mums missing out on mental health services, report finds
Is ChatGPT in Your Doctor’s Inbox?
Deaths Due to Fentanyl Nearly Quadrupled in 5 Years
Ozempic: Cost, Coupons, and Ways to Save Cash
New Alzheimer s drug slows disease by a third
ADHD on TikTok: Raising awareness or driving inaccurate self-diagnosis?
Medicinal cannabis helps cancer pain - study
COVID-19 Diet Lowers Salt, a Boon to Kidney Stone Patients
Be Cautious of Off-Label Use of Stimulants With Other Drugs
New Study Directly Links Air Pollution to Heart Problems
Cardiff: Mother of fasting death son given hospital order
Beware the Hidden Allergens in Nutritional Supplements
NHS strikes: What pay rises have staff asked for?
NHS pay deal signed off for one million staff
Hyponatraemia inquest an opportunity for the truth, mother says
Müller recalls six Cadbury desserts over listeria concerns
Two hospitals broke law by denying abortion - US health officials
Australia to ban recreational vaping in major public health move
Mullaghbawn: GPs warn of breaking point as practice at risk of closure
Government on brink of giving NHS staff 5% pay rise
Similar to Humans, Sleep Is Altered for Dogs With Dementia
Americans Stressed, but Seeking Help: Mental Health Survey
Weight Loss Surgery Could Cut Cancer Risk in Half Over Time
Nurses strike: 28-hour strike over pay under way
Nurses strike: Nurse union relaxes strike rules for critical services
You’ve Quit Smoking With Vaping. Now What?
Diagnosed Under 40: Breast Cancer s Unique Impacts on Younger W It’s (More) Complicated
How Should I Pick Walking Shoes If I Have Knee Pain?
Gut Microbiome Changes Throughout the Day and With the Seasons
Keto, Paleo Diets Rank Low for Heart Health, Report Says
Stranded Sudanese NHS doctor given seat on evacuation flight
Get the Care You Need in a COVID-19 World
‘Snake Oil’ Fake Cures for Long COVID Leave Patients at Risk
What’s Next in Health Care for Older Adults: Questions and Answers With John Whyte, MD
Great Ormond Street Hospital declares incident ahead of nurses strike
Herpes deaths: Caesareans unlikely source of herpes, inquest told
Unite union votes to reject NHS pay offer
I was told my heart might fail within a year
Sudanese NHS doctor betrayed after being refused entry onto evacuation flight to UK
Hidden high blood pressure in young people revealed
Players told to sit it out under new concussion guidance
Whorlton Hall verdicts: Can further scandals be prevented?
Pregnancy May Be Riskier for Women With Lupus
Naps Health: How Long You Nap May Matter
Another Weight Loss Drug Could Soon Join Ozempic in U.S.
The Doctor’s Visit of the Future: Less Touching, More Tech
Turning to Vaping to Stop Smoking Not a Simple Solution
No complaints made about Steve Barclay, says health department
Herpes deaths: Caesareans likely source of herpes, inquest told
Whorlton Hall: Four guilty of ill-treating secure unit patients
Annabel Wright death: Acne drug safety moves are lip service , says mum
How I Plan for Episodes
Court orders nurse strike in England to be cut short
Skin cancer: Health warning as non-melanoma cases rise
My daughter s long Covid is not nonsense
Gambling white paper: Gamblers losing £1,000 a day to face checks
COVID-19 and Psoriasis: Is There a Link?
Long COVID Mobile Monitoring Study Hunts for Answers
FDA OKs Second COVID Bivalent Booster for Many Americans
CDC Backs Call for Second COVID Booster for High Risk People
Reasons Why Your Cough May Not Be Improving
Women and Hair Loss: The Causes
Long COVID Treatment Not ‘One-Size-Fits-All’
WHO Officially Labels XBB.1.16 a COVID ‘Variant of Interest’
What s New in Diabetes Treatment?
Walnuts May Help Teens with Maturity, Thinking, and Attention
New Form of Levodopa Might Improve Parkinson s Care
Why Breast Cancer Trials Need More Diversity
What Is Breast Cancer Survivorship?
Finding a Path Forward: Runner Molly Seidel Takes Control of her ADHD
New High-Tech Tools to Help Control Diabetes
What s New in Diabetes Treatment?
Midwives in England accept NHS pay offer
Menopause Treatment Options: Your Questions Answered
What Does Vaping Do? New Research Shows Damage and Addiction
Skin Issues Can Be First Sign of Rheumatological Illnesses
Preschool Ear, Nose, and Throat Problems Linked with Autism
Priory Group whistleblowers concerned for patient safety
Livvy Haydock: Disabled gangsters supported me with my MS diagnosis
Stress Can Speed Aging, but Recovery Can Slow It Again: Study
Forgotten but Not Gone: Epidemic of Vaping Illness Continues
Lucy Letby trial: Accused nurse wanted to attend baby s funeral
Superbug study to invite 2,000 stool samples
Alternative to epidural recommended for women in labour
Lung cancer: Liquid biopsies could speed up treatment
Care homes are being deprived of dental services
Stem cell donor needed for St Austell girl, 4, with leukaemia
NHS dentistry crisis: Crowdfunding my new teeth has changed my life
Thousands of New Viruses Found in Baby Diapers
Ministers start legal move to cut nurse strike short
Only Fools and Horses actor Patrick Murray shares health update: ‘The lung cancer has returned’
WHO Officially Labels XBB.1.16 a COVID ‘Variant of Interest’
Sleep and Behavioral Problems in Kids: Common Bedfellows
Is Surgery for Sciatica Really Worth It?
Teenagers at risk after drop in vaccine take-up
Barry: A stranger I met at the beach gave me her kidney
The London Marathon runners who are proud to be slower
The tech entrepreneur betting he can get younger
Greater Manchester firefighters to take part in cancer monitoring project
Covid: No evidence shielding helped - Swansea uni study
Activity snacking may help with type 1 diabetes - study
Popular Weight Loss Plans Court Controversy With Obesity Meds
Court may need to decide if nurses strike is legal
Maker of Opioid Overdose Drug Aiming for $50 OTC Price
Rethinking the Goal of 10,000 Steps a Day
Pandemic Saw Rise in Mistrust of Childhood Vaccines Worldwide
Rate of U.S. Kids Attempting Suicide by Overdose Rose During Pandemic
Woman s bowel cancer spotted by artificial intelligence
Millions wait more than a fortnight to see a GP in England
What Are the Healthiest Drinks for People With Type 2 Diabetes?
How Genes and Genetic Biomarkers Affect Lung Cancer
Simple Test Could Assess Risk of Dementia
Is This a New Era of Medical Marijuana Breakthroughs?
PMDD: Severe period symptoms leading some women to hysterectomies
Lucy Letby trial: Nurse told police spike in deaths was a shock, court told
Herpes deaths: NHS trust lied about virus links, inquest hears
Gray Hair and Aging: Could ‘Stuck’ Stem Cells Be to Blame?
Long COVID Treatment Not ‘One-Size-Fits-All’
Women and Hair Loss: The Causes
Caring for a Loved One With C3 Glomerulopathy
Your Mental and Kidney Health
IgA Nephropathy and Social Support
My Spouse Is Depressed: Tips on How to Help and Cope
Why Am I Waking Up Gasping for Air?
How to Deal With Toxic Parents
Allulose: What to Know About the Sugar Alternative
What a Doctor Wants You to Know About Ulcerative Colitis
Reasons Why Your Cough May Not Be Improving
CDC Backs Call for Second COVID Booster for High Risk People
Junior doctors strike: Medical chiefs call on third party to broker talks
Kettering hospital ward accused of failing children inadequate
KitKat maker Nestle urged to cut unhealthy food sales
Elton John lauds American genius in fight against Aids
Longer Mealtimes Helps Kids Eat More Fruits and Veggies
Weight Gain From HIV Treatment: Personal Experience
COVID-19 and Psoriasis: Is There a Link?
Study Calls Poverty a ‘Major Risk Factor for Death in the U.S.’
Cause of grey hair may be stuck cells, say scientists
How Ramadan fasting and fitness can run together
Doctor s death due to AstraZeneca Covid vaccine reaction - inquest
More ambulance workers to strike after early May bank holiday
New Developments for Ankylosing Spondylitis
Ankylosing Spondylitis: What I’ve Learned From Those I Treat
Ankylosing Spondylitis: When You’re Treatment Isn’t Working
FDA OKs Second COVID Bivalent Booster for Many Americans
Oakland s Soda Tax Cut Local Sales by 27%
Why Time Flies Faster With Age (and How to Slow It Down)
Long COVID Mobile Monitoring Study Hunts for Answers
NHS Scotland calls 13,000 women for smear tests after error
End racial disparities in maternal deaths - MPs
Weight Loss Drug Fracas Continues as Risk of Shortages Grows
Ozzy s Wearable Cyborg May Be The Future of Physical Therapy
Regular Sleep May Be Crucial for People Living With Schizophrenia
Bird Flu in Chilean Man Shows Virus Adapting to Human Spread
Junior doctor strike led to 195,000 cancellations
False Promise of Vaginal Laser Therapy in Breast Cancer Patients
Lucy Letby trial: Nurse s notes read I killed them , jury told
Laura Kuenssberg: Can we avoid a summer of strikes?
Berkshire woman raises awareness of acute myeloid leukaemia
Orkney cancer gene: My mum died not knowing she had it
How artificial intelligence is matching drugs to patients
More people could have hidden bowel condition
Sarah Beeny feels ‘blessed’ after breast cancer news: ‘It’s good but it’s weird’
Million-year-old viruses help fight cancer, say scientists
Can ChatGPT Help Adults Manage Their Liver Disease?
Some Bear Facts That Could Help Prevent Human Strokes
Mindset Strategies for Peripheral Arterial Disease
How Old Is Too Old to Start Strength Training?
Bladder Cancer in Women: What to Know
NHS Unison members accept pay deal offer in England
Spinal injuries: Paralysed motorcyclist learns to walk again
Gel nails: Investigation launched into gel polish allergic reactions
Maternity care a postcode lottery in London
Junior doctors’ leader apologises for booking holiday during strike
Psychiatrists warn gamblers ahead of Grand National
Florida moves to ban abortion after six weeks
Does Brain Power Shield From Obesity? Probably Not
Statins Cut Heart Risks for People Living With HIV
India restarts Covid vaccine production as new infections soar 30% in one day
Junior doctors’ leader apologises for booking holiday during strike
Had COVID? Part of the Virus May Stick Around in Your Brain
Thousands receive diagnosis after 60 new diseases found
NHS Tracker: Find out about hospital waiting times in your area this winter
Ariana Grande calls for fans to stop body shaming
Personal assistant shortage leaving disabled people stuck at home
Sunbeds: Man who got cancer at 21 calls for ban
Every time she falls asleep, she might die
Covid: Staff propped up care homes without extra pay, says report
Ghana first to approve world-changer malaria vaccine
Juul Labs agrees $462m deal to settle claims
Why no breakthrough in the junior doctors strike?
Dating With Schizophrenia
Weight-Loss Surgery Might Reverse the Nerve Damage From Diabetes
White House: Fentanyl-Xylazine Combo An Emerging Threat
Long COVID: ‘On Par’ With Heart Disease, Cancer, Book Says
Menthol Vapes Could Be Even More Toxic to Lungs
Union misled over Weston General Hospital junior doctor shortage
Study reveals cancer’s ‘infinite’ ability to evolve
Bowelbabe: Dame Deborah James, in her own words
Parkinson s disease device trial at Addenbrooke s Hospital
British-Israeli shooting victim Lucy Dee s organs save five
NHS drop-out rate an accident waiting to happen, says surgeon
Long Used in Adults, Wireless Pacemakers Might Soon Be an Option for Kids
As COVID Tracking Wanes, Are We Letting Our Guard Down Too Soon?
Ipswich and Colchester hospitals boss urges quick solution to doctors row
Junior-doctors strike: Cancer survivor s anguish over cancelled op
Bad Sleep Cuts Years Off Your Life, but Exercise Can Save You
Singing strikers on the junior doctors picket lines
Lisa Shaw death: Legal action only option for husband
Vaping: Free e-cigarettes to be handed out in anti-smoking drive
High-Salt Diet a Danger Even With Normal Blood Pressure
Junior doctors strike: NHS braces for most disruptive walkout yet
Junior doctors strike: NHS chief calls for Acas help with talks
NHS patient stuck in hospital with months to live
Junior doctor strike: Union s pay demands unrealistic , says Steve Barclay
Junior doctors strike could hit up to 250,000 appointments, health bosses warn
Healthy Eating Habits for Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Apathy May Be Alzheimer’s Red Flag in Some People
11 Natural Depression Treatments
How to Stop Sugar Cravings
Life Expectancy With COPD
Long COVID Hitting Some States, Minorities, Women Harder
How to Handle the Narcissist in Your Life
How to Stop Feeling Anxious Right Now
Getting Sober: Finding Your Way
11 Possible Heart Symptoms You Shouldn t Ignore
Covid origins: Chinese scientists publish long-awaited data
Signs Your IUD Is Out of Place
10 Ways to Manage Low Back Pain at Home
What People Who Have IBD Wish You Knew
Say Goodbye to Your Period? There Are Options
Your Sleep Can Affect Your Stroke Risk
Race Could Matter When It Comes to Parkinson s Severity
Morning After Antibiotics Could Slash Odds for Common STDs
Covid jabs for under fives in at-risk groups
Air pollution ‘might be a risk factor for dementia’, study reveals
Love for Dame Deborah James breathtaking, says husband
Patients at risk during doctor strike - NHS bosses
Kathleen Poole: Deportation of grandmother with Alzheimer s paused
Olaparib: Drug to treat inherited cancers offered on NHS in England and Wales
High Co-Pays, Deductibles Keep Some Women From Mammogram Follow-Up
Pandemic Saw Rise in Opioid Prescriptions Given After Childbirth
U.S. Sets Up $300 Million Database for Alzheimer s Research
A Simple Fix for Nearsightedness
Will Telehealth Save Patients Money or Drive Up Costs?
Moving Beyond Hot Flashes: Treatment Options for Symptoms of Perimenopause and Menopause
Judge says parents and children should receive infected blood payments
Grandmother with Alzheimer s faces deportation from Sweden
Rare tick disease found in England
Deborah James: Bowelbabe charity fund raises £11.3m
Are Your Clothes Dripping in ‘Forever Chemicals’?
Doctor’s Checklist for Treating Long COVID Patients
Fatigue Is Common Among Older Adults, and It Has Many Possible Causes
London NHS trust criticised after warning to striking staff on visas
Ultrasound Good Diagnostic Tool After Breast  Symptoms
Devastating Tornadoes Leave Hazards in Their Wake: Tips to Stay Safe
Experts ID Likely Cause of Mysterious Hepatitis Outbreak in Kids
Equal Access to Treatment May Improve PAH Care for Minorities
More Research, Advocacy Can Improve PAH Disparities
Major moment in MS research as new Octopus trial starts
Ramadan: How to look after your skin during holy month
Tourists in South West warned of NHS pressures
Sport brain injury claims group grows to 378
England s new ambulance numbers not 800 promised, figures show
Social care reform funding halved for England, government confirms
Iguana Bite Left Vacationing Toddler a Medical Issue Months Later
How Rush Hour Traffic Can Affect Your Brain
Half of U.S. Drivers Say They Often Use Cellphones Behind the Wheel
CDC Investigating Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Flour
Lucy Letby: Baby needed help to breathe after attack, trial hears
Essex mental health inquiry: Staff could be compelled to give evidence
Women s health: Body part names taboo a risk to health
Sometimes Hair Loss in Women Can Point to Bigger Health Issues
It s (Finally) Time to Stop Calling It a Pandemic: Experts
High Caffeine Levels Linked to Lower Body Fat, Diabetes Risk
Older Men More at Risk as Dangerous Falls Rise for All Seniors
Mediterranean Diet Greatly Reduces Heart Disease Risk in Women
Can Laws Be Medicines?
Military Pilots, Ground Crew at Higher Risk of Cancer
Old-School Printer Helps Scientists Spot Bacteria in Blood
Common Chemical Linked to Parkinson’s Disease
Seniors With Few Years Left Often Advised to Get Colonoscopy
After Breast Cancer: Fitness and Nutrition Tips
After Breast Cancer: Fitness and Nutrition Tips
Similar Processes Could Link MS With Heart Disease
How Can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Help With Weight Management?
Learning to Live With AMD: A Caregiver’s Story
AMD and Vision Loss: One Woman’s Story of Acceptance
Teens Heal Differently Than Adults After Concussion
Running Long Distances Might Not Hurt Your Joints After All
Handling Emotions After Breast Cancer
Handling Emotions After Breast Cancer
We re Struggling : Long COVID Mystery Has Doctors in the Dark
How It Affects Their Emotions and Social Life
Talking With Your Child About CPP
Self-Care Tips for Parents of a Child With Central Precocious Puberty
Anxiety, Depression Climbing Among People with IBD
Who Is Most Likely to Get Long COVID? Patient Data May Tell
Could Melatonin Ease Self-Harm in Kids?
Insomnia, Sleep Apnea Rise in Women With MS
Baby Hair Care: Tips for Natural Hair
Bias, Lack of Access Make Long COVID Worse for Patients of Color
Weight Loss Benefits Persist Even After Regaining Some Pounds
Having Asthma, Eczema Might Raise Arthritis Risk
Flu Boosts Short-Term Odds for Heart Attack 6-Fold
Vaccine Trial Shows Promise Against Candida Fungal Infection
Too Much Time Online Might Raise Kids Odds for Mental Health Woes: Study
Scientists Get Closer to Understanding Hidden HIV
Dogs, Cats Could Lower Children s Allergy Risk
Did Mattiedna Johnson Help Cure Scarlet Fever?
Top Health Challenges for Aging Asian Americans
Nerve Pulse Therapy May Help Ease Sciatica
Why Are Uterine Fibroids Particularly Common in Black Women?
What I Learned About Caring for Someone With AMD
More Pregnant People Are Overdosing, and Stigma Plays a Role
Fatal Drug ODs Among U.S. Seniors Have Quadrupled in 20 Years
HIV Infections Could Spike After Ruling on Affordable Care Act: Experts
Song Stuck in Your Head? What Earworms Reveal About Health
FDA Approves Drug for Cats With Allergic Skin Disease
Nasal COVID Treatment Shows Early Promise Against Multiple Variants
What’s Next After Judge Strikes Down Preventive Care Mandate?
Depression and Age-Related Macular Degeneration
First toddler receives life-saving gene therapy on NHS
Tory v Tory: Badenoch and Nokes in menopause debate
Boy recreates his gran s 1955 photos to help her with Alzheimer s
Rob Burrow receives ‘Points of Light’ award from Rishi Sunak
What are abortion pills and could they be banned?
BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron: How worried should we be?
Covid: Why are some places testing Chinese arrivals?
Covid vaccine: How many people are vaccinated in the UK?
Sore throat and cough top symptoms that could be Covid
UK Covid modelling data to stop being published
Covid map: Coronavirus cases, deaths, vaccinations by country
China Covid: How is it tackling the latest surge in cases?
Covid origin: Why the Wuhan lab-leak theory is so disputed
Matt Hancock: Eight government WhatsApp Covid messages revealed
Isabel Oakeshott reveals why she leaked Matt Hancock s WhatsApp messages
Toxic debate over lab leak theory hampers search for Covid origins
Covid: Was Matt Hancock right to push for schools to close?
Tourette s device tested by Lewis Capaldi reduces tics in trial
EastEnders: Edwards syndrome and the difficult choice for parents
Weight-loss: Are injections the answer to tackling obesity?
Henry Dimbleby: Conservatives obesity strategy makes no sense, ex-adviser says
I don t have lots of time to sit around and wait
Warnings against reckless weight loss surgery abroad
Lung disease: For asthma to take her life was just unbelievable
George Ezra 2023 tour: Vertigo diagnosis shines light on symptom
Candida auris: What is the deadly fungus sweeping through US hospitals?
London Lonely Girls Club gains thousands of new members
Long Covid: University of East Anglia study finds women more likely affected
Coronavirus: Woman who watched mum die recalls her last moments
Sniffing body odour is tested as an anxiety therapy
UK cosmetic procedure numbers recover after Covid
The future of the NHS - what do the experts think?
Nitrous oxide: Laughing gas overdose left woman unable to walk
Nitrous oxide: What is it and how dangerous is it?
Oxford hospitals: Mother s op delay concern over terminally ill son
Cancer blood test may prey on the worried well
NHS: Public satisfaction with health service drops to record low
NHS Highland reprimand for HIV patient email data breach
NI waiting lists: Man feared cancer would spread after waiting months to be treated
Regulator criticised over whistleblower response
Doctor suspended over porky sausages insults
Blood tests may spare cancer patients chemo
Covid testing scaled back further in England
Hormone replacement therapy and menopause: What you need to know about HRT
Covid booster vaccine available for most vulnerable
Videos Help Ensure Safe Reproductive Care
Small Baby Videos featured on Healthy Newborn Network
YouTube Health features Global Health Media
WHO singles out “Story of Coronavirus” for innovative use of animation
Breastfeeding Nutrition Videos now in 4 Myanmar languages
Nationwide training of Somalia health workers uses GHMP videos
World Contraception Day is September 26
New videos support World Diabetes Day campaign
Matching grant success!
Family Planning Videos used as global training resource
Birth videos in new emergency obstetric courses
Much-anticipated WHO childbirth course includes GHMP videos
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