Wednesday 21 October 2020
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CBD reduces COVID-19 lung damage with protective peptides
Long Covid: Who is more likely to get it?
Christie hospital: Inside Europe s largest cancer unit
Pandemic Fears Tied to California Gun Sale Surge
Most U.S. Women Under 50 Use Contraception: Report
What Will Convince People to Get a COVID Vaccine?
Curbing COVID Had Benefit for Asthma Patients
Homeless Get Help Through Innovative Businesses
UK Begins Controversial Coronavirus Challenge Trial
Multiple Myeloma Treatment: What’s New?
Face Masks and Foggy Glasses: A COVID Consequence
Virologists: What Do They Do?
Microplastics Seeping Out of Baby Bottles: Study
Long COVID: the long and winding road
New angle in hard surface disinfection
Making evidence creation the heart of care delivery
New UK laws allow healthcare workers to administer vaccines
Covid: Burn-out fears of exhausted unpaid carers
Long Covid: St Annes man never recovered from long-term effects
UK plan to be first to run human challenge Covid trials
Covid: Noon deadline approaches for Manchester coronavirus deal
We had more than 60 calls from test-and-trace
Covid-19: First UK airport coronavirus testing begins
New Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug May Help Tough Cases
Big Babies May Face Higher Lifelong A-Fib Risk
More Women Trying Pot to Manage Menopause
Expert: Darkest Weeks of Pandemic Are Yet to Come
States Get Ready for Complex COVID Vaccine Plans
Covid: Greater Manchester restrictions delay puts lives at risk
Reducing antimicrobial resistance with copper
The impact of COVID-19 on the live-in care sector
Coronavirus: Schools in NI shut as two-week closure begins
C Wales told to stay home in circuit-breaker lockdown
Deaths at home: More than 26,000 extra this year, ONS finds
Covid: England boosting plasma stocks for patients
Researchers provide recommendations to fix England’s test and trace
Covid lockdown: Wales poised for decision on circuit-breaker
New study links 28 genes to rare developmental disorders
Could cold water hold a clue to a dementia cure?
Endometriosis care needs urgent improvement, MPs say
The British athletes battling eating disorders in sport
Covid: What the tier rules say about the split between science and politics
Covid patients less likely to die than in April
Patients Getting Surprise Bills After Colonoscopies
FDA Warns of Painkiller Risk During Pregnancy
No Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine Before Election
Coronavirus: Boris Johnson says taking action is right and responsible thing to do
Heart Defects Don t Increase Risk of Severe COVID
Chinese COVID Vaccine Shows Promise in Early Trial
Coronavirus: Higher ethnic death risk not linked to health
New UK medical cannabis products cheaper and safer than black market
Jeremy Farrar: We need a national consensus for the way forward
Coronavirus infections still rising rapidly
Covid: Remdesivir has little or no effect on survival, says WHO
Health innovation for healthy ageing in Greater Manchester
Canadian legal medical cannabis system forcing patients to self-medicate
UK medicines regulator joins ACSS consortium of regulators
Gyms and coronavirus: What are the facts?
Covid: Row over regional rules damaging to public health , scientist warns
Pancreatic cancer: Subtypes with different aggressiveness discovered
Rare congenital heart defect rescued by protease inhibition
It cures acne, afib, anxiety? CBD users think it s real medicine, contrary to evidence
Dramatic escalation in opioid use over a decade revealed
Study reveals nutrients used by normal and failing hearts
Tourists return to Hawaii amid ever-changing pandemic rules
Study identifies gene variants to help personalize treatment of eosinophilic esophagitis
Marriage or not? Rituals help dating couples decide relationship future
Bisexual adults less likely to enjoy health benefits of education
Higher hypothetical disease risk linked with greater willingness to vaccinate
Belly fat may signal early heart issues for Mexican Americans
Coronavirus reinfections are real. Here s what that means for controlling the pandemic
Many male breast cancers diagnosed late, and delays can be lethal
Bogus cure claims have U.S. consumers snapping up CBD products
Study reveals most effective drugs for common type of neuropathic pain
An expert s guide to safe sleeping for your baby
Scientists discover a new mechanism for cellular defense against viral and bacterial infections
Study examines Medicaid and adults on the autism spectrum
WHO warns Europe virus surge of great concern
Rethinking the holidays: Traditions, change are on the table
Research could change how blood pressure is managed in spinal cord injury patients
New test can target and capture most lethal cells in fatal brain cancer
Early trauma influences metabolism across generations
Instituting a minimum price for alcohol reduces deaths, hospital stays
Immunotherapy combo halts rare, stage 4 sarcoma in teen
E-cigarettes might not be safe alternative in reducing harm to babies
Chronic disease and public health failures fuel COVID-19 pandemic
Study reveals the influence of race correction in kidney disease care
Preliminary results find COVID-19 vaccine candidate based on inactivated SARS-CoV-2 virus is safe
A promising new tool in the fight against melanoma
Covid-19: Is Sweden getting it right?
Circuit breaker lockdown: What is a circuit breaker?
Despite Gains, Diagnosing RA Remains a Race Against Time
Young Women at Higher Risk from Heart Attacks
Pandemic Impact: The News You Watch Might Matter
Low Brain Blood Flow May Spur Alzheimer s Hallmark
Is Apathy an Early Sign of Dementia?
Scientists Slam White House for Herd Immunity Claim
Coronavirus testing lab chaotic and dangerous , scientist claims
Baby loss: Being a black woman the odds were stacked against me
Medical technology: is the future self-driving laboratories?
Covid restrictions: Matt Hancock says things will get worse before they get better
How long a person can survive without water
Herd immunity a ‘dangerous fallacy’ according to researchers
Medical Cannabis: life sciences and the law survey
Community pharmacies: ready to act as a vaccine gateway
East Kent Hospitals: Toxic culture risks patients lives
Covid-19: Talks continue over new restrictions for parts of England
Covid: NHS staff testing dismantled in virus hotspots
I fear being a forgotten casualty of pandemic
Coronavirus: Long Covid could be four different syndromes
Down s syndrome language: No-one meant anything hurtful
Coronavirus: Are some soaps better than others?
Hard to Change Minds of Vaccine-Hesitant Parents
A-Fib Treatment Reduces Patients Dementia Risk
Blood Type May Predict Your Risk For Severe COVID
Curbing Some TV Ads Might Reduce Childhood Obesity
Dutch Woman First to Die After COVID-19 Reinfection
Take 10 With Folake Olowofoyeku
Kristen Bell: Advocate for the Homeless
Covid and mental health: Children are being failed massively
The benefits of DuPont Tedlar PVF films for healthcare applications
Covid-19: Vaccine should be widely available ‘next year’
Covid: Two-week circuit breaker may halve deaths , report says
Mandatory, touch-free workplace hand sanitisation
Infection Prevention – invest into health and avoid paying for disease
Five factors influencing the respiratory disease testing market
Cutting-edge treatments to be fast-tracked to UK patients
Coronavirus: Patient has sudden permanent hearing loss
Could wearable technology improve infection control in care homes?
Covid-19: New three-tier restrictions come into force in England
Covid Sage documents: What was the evidence and what happened?
Many Seniors With Heart Failure Take 10-plus Meds
Long-Lasting Immunity Follows Serious COVID Cases
Black Doctors Aim to Make COVID Testing Equitable
Severe COVID More Likely in Black, Asian Patients
Covid 19: Care home visitor scheme to be piloted in England
Trial to test if Vitamin D protects against Covid
Campaign to raise awareness of work-related musculoskeletal disorders
Coronavirus: Momentous errors worsened Austria ski resort outbreak
Pew: COVID Sends Majority of Young Adults Back Home
Covid-19: Why is Essex County Council pleading for tighter restrictions?
Scotland allocates £500,000 for treatment of neurological conditions
NHS app updated to fix phantom messages
Shielding not needed yet, despite rising Covid rate
Surgeons develop new eyeglass device to display fluoroscopic images
US pauses Covid vaccine trial due to ill volunteer
Coronavirus: WHO head calls herd immunity approach immoral
Coronavirus: Ethnic-minority vaccine volunteers needed
Covid: Why bats are not to blame, say scientists
Covid-19: Are we still listening to the science?
Covid reinfection: Man gets Covid twice and second hit more severe
Coronavirus: What is the Covid tier lockdown system in England?
Long Covid: Derbyshire woman says she uses swimming to help
The dogs trained to sniff out Covid-19
First Confirmed U.S. Cases of COVID Reinfections
Covid: Sage scientists called for short lockdown weeks ago
Coronavirus Survives on Surfaces for Weeks: Study
Covid care: It is very serious and it is very real
Police, at High Risk for COVID-19, Race to Adapt
Come forward to GP about cancer symptoms , experts say
Covid: Liverpool at very high level in new tier system
Covid: Evidence suggests shouting and singing can spread virus
Covid: NHS determined to keep non-Covid services running
Bespoke high-performance computing for clinical research
Covid: Pressure building in UK hospitals
New technology to help hospital recovery from COVID-19 pandemic
Flu jab essential for pregnant women this winter
Legs Matter Week: making legs matter in a global pandemic
Do-not-resuscitate order: blanket use reviewed
Covid-19: Qingdao to test nine million for coronavirus in five days
Covid: New local lockdown restrictions in England to be unveiled
US Election 2020: Anthony Fauci says Trump campaign ad quote misleading
Rugby League star determined to beat MND
Heartbreaking insight into impact of lockdown
How is the plan for 48 hospitals going?
Covid-19 virus survives on some surfaces for 28 days
Covid: Second national lockdown possible, says top UK scientist
Covid: Brazil s coronavirus death toll passes 150,000
BCG: Can a vaccine from 1921 save lives from Covid-19?
Covid: UK at tipping point , top scientist warns
Do the Dutch have the answer to Britain’s district nursing crisis?
Covid: What is the mental health cost to the young?
Love Hormone Could Hold Key to Treating COVID
New Coronavirus Can Infect Your Eyes as Well
European Commission purchases 500,000 courses of Remdesivir
Addiction, education, and the future of cannabis policy
Covid: South Asian hospital patients at greater risk of dying
Trump Plans Saturday Rally Despite COVID Concerns
Rapid bedside testing may improve hospital infection control
Covid cases have increased rapidly in England, says ONS
World Mental Health Day: mental health services chronically underfunded
Coronavirus: Rapid bedside test shows promise in hospitals
Election Stress Getting to You? You re Not Alone
Pence, Harris Address COVID, Health Care, Abortion
Belgian anaesthetist accused of causing Brit s death while drunk
Trump Touts Unproven Therapy as COVID Cure
Pence’s Red Eye Raises COVID Concerns
NHS to offer specialist help for ‘long COVID’ sufferers
Cannabis and hemp in the UK
Covid-19: New restrictions to be announced for parts of England within days - Jenrick
NHSCC report recommends teaching pupils about selfcare
NHS report recommends teaching pupils about selfcare
Cannabis and chronic pain in Australia
Covid deaths three times greater than flu in 2020
Coronavirus: Thousands still missing out on vital NHS care
Cancard: giving patients and police peace of mind
Covid: New restrictions for England likely next week
Covid: Pubs and restaurants in central Scotland to close
Coronavirus: How A E is coping in the pandemic
FDA Chief Says Panel Must Review COVID Vaccine
FDA Chief Says Panel Must Review COVID Vaccine
Risk of Severe COVID May Hinge on Type of Asthma
Dozens of Mammals at Risk of COVID Infection
Pence Should Quarantine, Not Debate, Expert Says
For Black Americans, Resilience Key to Heart Health
Coronavirus: Specialist long Covid clinics to be set up in England
Anti-Vaxx Movement Shifts Focus to Civil Liberties
80% of COVID Patients Have Neurological Symptoms
Reduction in sugar in food well below target, PHE says
UK places first order for one million COVID-19 rapid antibody tests
Children not able to give proper consent to puberty blockers, court told
Coronavirus: Health experts join global anti-lockdown movement
Five trends driving telemedicine market forecast through 2026
Protecting healthcare workers: preventing needlestick injuries
East Kent Hospitals Trust: Covid-19 practice failings revealed by inspection
Covid: New Scottish virus restrictions to be announced
Coronavirus: Scientists to map hospital spread
Parents record song to change perceptions of Down s syndrome
Expert: White House a ‘Super Spreader’ Site
Pot Users Need More Anesthesia, Painkillers: Study
Antibiotics May Be Best First for Appendicitis
Covid-19: NHS tests threatened by Roche supply chain failing
Wearing a Mask Doesn t Cause CO2 Poisoning
COVID-19 ICU Patients Have High Risk of Clots
Voting During COVID Pandemic: How to Do It Safely
Covid hospital cases jump 25% in a day in England
Covid can be airborne, US CDC guidelines now say
European Commission extends support for health innovation platform
Coronavirus: Europe experiencing pandemic fatigue
MEPs call for Pharmaceutical Strategy to tackle antimicrobial resistance
UK opens applications for green social prescribing pilots
Covid could cause tsunami of cancelled NHS operations
Long Covid : Why are some people not recovering?
Why is Trump Taking Dexamethasone and Does It Work?
Benefit of the Common Cold? It May Prevent COVID
Daily COVID-19 Cases in U.S. Highest in Months
When Loved One Is in ICU, Spouse Sees Health Risks
Study: For Top Safety, Wash Homemade Face Masks
Coronavirus: ‘Thousands unaware if exposed to Covid, says Jonathan Ashworth
Matt Hancock on 16,000 missing coronavirus test results
Covid-19 updates: One in 10 worldwide may have had virus, WHO says
Long Covid: Everything tasted like cardboard
Covid: How many cases might contact tracers have missed?
NYC Wants to Reinstate Coronavirus Restrictions
COVID-Linked Syndrome Seen in Kids Found in Adults
New support for personalised medicine and cell therapy
Dexamethasone: What is the new coronavirus drug Trump is taking?
Three Share Nobel Prize for Hepatitis C Research
Coronavirus: Paris to shut bars and raise alert to maximum
Covid in Scotland: Sturgeon to meet advisers over further restrictions
Covid: Welsh quarantine considered for UK coronavirus hotspots
Coronavirus: Boris Johnson on missing test results
Farxiga granted Breakthrough Therapy Designation by FDA
Nobel Prize for Medicine goes to Hepatitis C discovery
Preparing for the future: global unity over pandemic preparedness
Covid: 16,000 coronavirus cases missed in daily figures after IT error
Trump Could be Released from Hospital Monday
Covid: Care homes policies violated human rights, says Amnesty
Covid: Things bumpy to Christmas and beyond - PM
Coronavirus: Rapid antigen test rolled out in Madrid
Satffordshire nurse learns sign language to help deaf patients
Covid: UK announces more than 10,000 daily cases for first time
Why A Negative Test Doesn t Rule Out COVID
Trump: Oxford professor on president s experimental Covid-19 treatment
Coronavirus: How do monoclonal antibodies work?
Covid: Faith groups singing studied for coronavirus risk
Officials Begin Task of Tracing Trump s Contacts
What Trump’s Symptoms Mean for COVID Course
Trump COVID: Who Is Positive, Who Is Negative
Stoptober: Everything you need to know about the 28-day smoke-free challenge
Could COVID-19 provide a new target for non-opioid pain relief?
People with dementia and carers harmed by COVID-19 social cuts
Covid: What is the risk to Donald Trump s health?
Covid: Growth in Covid cases may be levelling off
European Health Forum: recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic
President Trump, First Lady Test Positive for COVID
WebMD Poll: Health Care, Pandemic Important to Voters
Emergency medical supplies market to reach €45.04bn by 2026
Coronavirus: Doctors told to plan for vaccination scheme
Coronavirus: Loss of smell may be clearer sign than cough
Children s gender identity clinic concerns go back 15 years
Tough Menopause May Signal Future Heart Woes
Irregular, Long Periods Tied to Shorter Life Span
Immunotherapy Drug Helping Lung Cancer Patients
Last-Ditch Support System Is Saving COVID Patients
Alcohol-Linked Deaths Spike in Rural America
Race Doesn t Impact COVID Survival Rate in Hospital
‘Silver tech’: the latest health innovations in Europe for overs 60s
Combatting resistant depression with DMT and digital therapy
Covid: Vaccine will not return life to normal in spring
Coronavirus: Restrictions for England to be standardised into three tiers
Medicinal cannabis may play a significant role during COVID-19
Medical Cannabis Network Quarterly Issue 4
Covid: Eight die in Royal Glamorgan Hospital outbreak
Covid: 170 test positive at Cornwall meat plant
Covid: Woman heartbroken after terminating baby alone
Covid-19: Growth in cases may be slowing in England
Patients left in limbo by NHS virus response
Bald to Bold, Lockdown Locks Embrace All Styles
Risky Ink: Tattoos May Lead to Body s Overheating
Trump, Biden Face Off in Chaotic First Debate
Leicestershire baby with breathing problems helped in new trial
Covid: I thought I woke the next day - it was 45 days later
Was FDA Lax in Approving Opioids Too Easily?
Pets Helped People Cope During Pandemic: Study
Positive Coronavirus Tests Shut Down Two NFL Teams
NYC Will Fine People Who Don t Wear Masks
Drawing electric power from wireless telecommunication signals
Global agreement to make COVID-19 antigen tests available for all
Claims Birmingham surgeon kept bones of patients probed
Coronavirus: Delirium key symptom in frail older people
Berlin patient: First person cured of HIV, Timothy Ray Brown, dies
Alcohol guidelines: How many drinks is equivalent to 14 units a week?
New alcohol guidelines: How much is 14 units?
European Health Forum Gastein looks to the future of European healthcare 
Scientists link fatal COVID-19 reactions to autoimmunity and faulty genes
Breast screening: One million women in UK may have missed scans
Coronavirus doctor s diary: Trying out tech that may help make worship Covid-secure
Covid-19 survivor: Doctors said my son saved my life
Egg freezing 10-year limit should be scrapped, says ethics body
Coronavirus: NHS well stocked for ventilators this winter
COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Shows Promise for Elderly
Closer Look: Trump, Biden Plans on Health Care
End Ban on Cornea Donations from Gay Men: Study
Pandemic Has More Americans Turning to Alcohol
Do Fasting Diets Work? Study Finds Little Benefit
Women Get Worse Care for Heart Attack
Lockdown Could Worsen Hearing Woes for Seniors
Study Confirms Minorities at Higher Odds of COVID
Medical cannabis: science and risk-based methodology
World Heart Day: preventing heart disease is vital
A resource-efficient cannabis industry starts with benchmarking
Maternity units too defensive and failing to learn from mistakes
UK charity receives £27m funding to help 10,000 people with mental health
Great North Air Ambulance trials paramedic jet suit
Flu jab waits and delays amid high demand
LeafCann secures cannabis import licence from Australian Government
Covid ICU survivor: I have come out the other end
Coronavirus: NHS faces pandemic triple whammy this winter
Most Newborns of COVID-19-Infected Moms Fare Well
33% of Parents Won t Get Flu Shots for Their Kids
Privacy Concerns Hindering Digital Contact Tracing
Covid: Hancock pressured to give MPs say over lockdown rules
Doctors Wary of Rushed COVID Vaccine
Giving babies Weetabix from four months worth exploring
Covid-19 outbreak at Bernard Matthews turkey plant in Holton
Brain-Eating Amoeba in Texas City s Tap Water
Covid: Manchester mayor calls for urgent review of 10pm closures
People of colour must be represented across the cannabis industry
UK poises to take global lead in genomics with new strategy
Supporting care home residents through COVID-19 with Cube Modular
NHSX says shared medical records to be in place by next year
Covid-19 deaths pass 1,000 in Birmingham hospitals
UK strengthens protection of frontline workers in preparation for winter
Test and Trace: I feel like I’ve achieved a big fat zero
Covid lockdown: Two-thirds of Wales population affected
NHS Covid-19: App issue fixed for people who test positive
Why India should worry about post-Covid-19 care
Coronavirus: Up to £10,000 fine for failure to self-isolate in England
Covid: Dementia patient s wife describes torture of lack of visits
Coronavirus: UK pledges support to global vaccine-sharing scheme
Covid-19: What do scientists think of the PM s plan?
Coronavirus: Children behind rising demand for tests in England
Report: Trump Picks Amy Coney Barrett for Court
Is Key Safety Data at Risk in Race for COVID Vaccine?
Coronavirus: UK pledges £500m to global vaccine-sharing scheme
FDA Warns of Danger From Benadryl Challenge
Even If Hips, Legs Slims Down, Belly Fat a Danger
U.S. Coronavirus Cases Top 7 Million
America s COVID Pandemic Is Now Skewing Younger
Low Vitamin D Levels Tied to Odds for Severe COVID
Symptoms or No, COVID Patients Have Same Viral Load
Accuracy of COVID-19 Antibody Tests Varies Widely
Ingredients Make Smart Supplements Not-So-Smart
Could Wildfires Have Long-Term Health Effects?
Is Shock Therapy Returning for Bipolar Disorder?
Severe COVID Clues: Autoantibodies, Gene Mutations
Cannabis cultivation research and data
Trump OKs Final Plan to Import Drugs From Canada
Cloud 9 Switzerland Group: nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals
Study links COVID-19 care home outbreaks to independent infections
Covid vaccine: Trial of new coronavirus vaccine starts in UK
Assessment shows need to ramp up COVID-19 response efforts in Europe
Covid: Coronavirus cases in England up 60% in a week
The full spectrum politics of hemp in Ireland
Polio campaigners battle misinformation and distrust
Lizzo says body positivity has become too commercialised and cool
The threat of vaccine nationalism
Fighting for what’s right: protecting the older population
Most N95 Masks From China Don t Meet US Standards
After COVID, When Can Young Athletes Resume Play?
No Trick: Halloween Must be Different During COVID
9 in 10 Americans Not Yet Exposed to COVID
Understanding rare autoinflammatory conditions during awareness month
NHS Covid-19 app: How to install and use it
Improvements to EU worker safety against cancer-causing chemicals
Covid-19: Dad lost weight to attend daughter s birth
Hancock: Upgrade may be needed to access NHS Covid app
Major trends to bolster hand sanitiser market size over 2026
Coronavirus: Test turnaround times getting longer in England
Man dies from eating more than a bag of liquorice a day
Opioid addiction warnings to be strengthened in UK
Coronavirus vaccine: What are human challenge trials?
Covid-19: UK volunteers could be given virus to test vaccine
Flu jabs limited due to high demand
Covid-19: Daily reported UK cases rise by a quarter
NHS Covid-19 app: England and Wales get smartphone contact tracing for over-16s
Mental Health: Kindness can help save lives
Prenatal Pot Use Impacts Kid s Future Mental Health
Blood Test May Show Who Is at Risk of Severe COVID
Diabetes Drug Metformin May Protect Aging Brains
Colleges’ Opening Fueled 3,000 COVID Cases a Day, Researchers Say
Resuming Sex After Heart Attack May Help Recovery
Translating medicinal cannabis regulation into a patient-centred science
Successful treatment of patients with the autoimmune disease Lupus
Resuming Sex After Heart Attack May Help Recovery
Could Zinc Help Fight COVID-19?
Singing Without a Face Mask Can Spread COVID-19
Discovery in groundbreaking study could stop COVID-19 in its tracks
The value of pre-licensing cannabis cultivation space programming
Alder Hey teams up with Brilliant Masks to stop spread of COVID-19
The Valens Company explore the importance of edibles testing
Covid-19: Health workers sick with fear at thought of second wave
Hemp and Novel Foods in Europe
Yew Trees hospital: Ten staff suspended at mental health unit
Covid: US death toll passes 200,000
Covid: Boris Johnson warns of tougher measures if new rules are flouted
Coronavirus: Whitty and Vallance faced herd immunity backlash, emails show
Coronavirus: Government must publish contact-tracing app data
Blind downhill mountain biker aims to turn professional
COVID Hits Minorities Hardest in Nursing Homes, Too
Covid: Boris Johnson calls for resolve to fight coronavirus over winter
Many Metrics to Measure COVID-19, Which Are Best?
Trial Holds Promise for Weekly Insulin for Type 2
Homemade Masks Do a Great Job Blocking COVID-19
COVID Death Toll Hits 200,000 in the U.S.
Black Doctors Group Creates Panel to Vet Vaccine
Covid: Ban on meeting in houses extended across Scotland
Cannabis regulation and policy in Australia
Brits demand more mental health services after COVID-19
Government announces plan to protect care homes over winter
Coronavirus: We ve reached a perilous turning point , says Boris Johnson
Coronavirus: PM says Covid complacency could be our undoing
Covid restrictions: PM sets out new hospitality and face covering rules
The future of medical cannabis: regulation, capital raising, and investments
New framework will accelerate global public health efforts
Suffolk boy with rare cancer ready for first day at school
Supporting patients and families with Mucopolysaccharidosis
Covid: Deaths at among lowest proportion since March
Working towards fair, humanised policy on drugs with ENCOD
Coronavirus: Hancock on fines for self-isolations rule
Coronavirus: Ashworth on hospital and care home tests
Covid: School bus drivers fearful of coronavirus infection risk
Covid: Have local lockdowns worked?
Flu jab more important than ever this winter
Covid: Pubs and restaurants in England to have 10pm closing times
Potential COVID Drug May Raise Heart Risk: Study
Holidays Can Be a Fright for Kids With Food Allergies
Too Much or Too Little Sleep Bad for Your Brain
EPA Adds to List of Coronavirus-Fighting Cleaners
Glass-Topped Tables Injure Thousands Each Year
Global Life Expectancy Likely to Drop Due to COVID
Covid: UK coronavirus alert level ‘moving to 4
Coronavirus: Childcare exemption added to new restrictions in England
Coronavirus restrictions are extended across NI
The Benefits of Vitamin C
Covid lockdown for Newport, Bridgend, Merthyr Tydfil and Blaenau Gwent
Psychedelics association to bridge medical establishment and industry gap
Dr Patrick Vallance: Epidemic is doubling every seven days
European Commission confirms contribution to COVID-19 vaccine facility
Covid-19: UK faces 50,000 cases a day by October without action - Vallance
Investigating bacterial infection outbreak in mid and west Essex
UK hospital to receive funding for digital prescribing
The role of MRI in stroke care with Cerebriu Apollo
Coronavirus: WHO sets rules for testing African herbal remedies
Covid: UK at critical point in pandemic, top scientists to warn
Music boosts memories for ethnic minority dementia patients
Covid: Can a circuit break halt the second wave?
Covid: £10,000 fines for self-isolation breaches
Cancer taskforce aims to reduce patient backlog
Covid: PM considering new restrictions amid second coronavirus wave
Coronavirus: Teacher writes about horrendous Covid-19 battle
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies from Pancreatic Cancer
Coronavirus: Care home visitors to be supervised at all times
Sore Jaws, Cracked Teeth COVID Collateral Damage
Moderna: We ll Know Soon if COVID Vaccine Works
Many Need Follow-Up Colonoscopy and Don t Know it
Another Rapid COVID-19 Test Shows Promise
COVID Adds Risk for People With Addiction Disorders
90,000 Young U.S. Adults May Get Cancer This Year
CDC Posted Test Guideline Without Scientific Review
Amanda Bowles: Doctor error contributed to anorexic woman s death
Understanding hospital germs and how they stick to surfaces
Ketamine therapy insights from experts in the field
WHO calls on governments to address safety threats to health workers
Coronavirus: Virus cases may be hitting 6,000 a day
Exploring real world applications of cannabis
Medical cannabis in Colombia: the law and the future
Compounding pharmacies and turbulent pharmaceutical scenarios
Shaping future cannabis strategy at the GCI Europe Summit
Coronavirus testing: Simple test gives results in 90 minutes
Meager Meals, Dirty Rooms: Life in ‘Quarantine U’
Coffee May Slow Spread of Colon Cancer
COVID Prevention May Mean Record Low Flu Rates
Colleges and Universities: The New COVID Hot Spots
COVID Conflicts Are Straining Relationships
Smoking Ups Your Risk of a Fatal Brain Bleed
Coronavirus: Test demand significantly outstripping capacity
Exploring Dutch medical cannabis with Bedrocan
Care providers to receive extra £546m for winter infection control
Are T cells key to controlling COVID-19 and reducing its severity?
Novel Foods and the uncertain future of Europe’s hemp industry
Coronavirus: Test turnaround times getting longer
Covid symptoms: Is it a cold, flu or coronavirus?
UK regulatory landscape: import and export of medical cannabis
Impact of COVID-19 on stroke survivors: act now to avoid disability
Coronavirus testing: What s going wrong?
Eye hospital in cataract drive to cut Covid backlog
A cold, flu or coronavirus - which one do I have?
Coronavirus: Trial urges people to call 111 before going to A E
Big Ten Reverses Decision, Will Have 2020 Season
Do Eyeglasses Offer Protection Against COVID-19?
‘Self-Care’ Urged for Women Caregivers Amid Pandemic
Can a Parkinson s Drug Treat Macular Degeneration?
Blood Clotting Tied to Worse COVID-19 Outcomes
Black Children at Higher Odds for ADHD
Coronavirus and Apartments: What’s the Risk?
Lack of Antigen Tests Has U.S. ‘Blind to Pandemic’
Top tips for safely launching your medical cannabis products in Europe
Coronavirus: PM blames colossal spike in demand for test problems
Four factors outlining healthcare information technology market trends
Patients distrust in pharma companies sees launch of medication Trustpilot
Coronavirus testing: Government claims fact-checked
Not enough tests for five months, study predicts
Mothers rally for medical cannabis outside UK Health Authorities
Anxiety app helped me at my new school says Essex pupil
COVID-19 and beyond: discover how live-in care has impacted elderly care
Examining AI technology in remote diabetes care
Covid-safe mask for ENT procedures offered to NHS for free
India s coronavirus infections top five million mark
Coronavirus: Government to prioritise NHS and care homes for testing
Many MS Patients Struggle With Finances, Forgo Treatments
Half of Pediatricians Dismiss Anti-Vaccine Families
Some Psoriasis Meds May Also Help Prevent Heart Disease
COVID Safety During the Upcoming Holidays
Is Arthritis Pain Relief as Close as Your Spice Rack?
Even Exercise May Not Ease Pandemic-Linked Stress
Could COVID-19 Someday Become Seasonal, Like Flu?
Doctors Should Watch for Punctured Lungs in COVID Patients
Statins Going Generic Saved Medicare Billions
Coronavirus: Testing problems leaving families in limbo
Southern Hemisphere Has Fewer Flu Cases Amid COVID
NIH and FDA Examine Serious Side Effect That Surfaced in COVID Vaccine Trial
European Commission tests national contact tracing and warning apps
Cannabis nursing in the USA
Efficient application of telehealth during COVID-19
Coronavirus: New restrictions in force for parts of West Midlands
A guide to CBD products with Professor Mike Barnes
Doctor told he cannot give blood because of his Kenyan wife
Coronavirus: NHS staff off work due to testing shortages, say bosses
Mental-health team failed son before shooting
Soaring alcohol misuse could overwhelm service
COVID-19 Takes Heavy Toll on Kidneys
Loneliness Spikes In Older Adults During Pandemic
Coronavirus: 18,000 test results published by mistake
No Canadian COVID Deaths for First Time in 6 Months
Timely infection control prevented COVID-19 taking hold in Europe
Home hygiene contributing to antibiotic resistance
Chief scientist told off for early lockdown plea
Coronavirus: UK to test inhaled vaccines
Coronavirus: Monoclonal antibodies to begin UK trial
Malta offers one of the world’s strongest economic support packages
How to export your CBD products to Japan
Coronavirus: WHO reports record daily rise in new infections
Coronavirus: Rule of six comes into effect in England
NHS tells GPs they must offer patients face-to-face appointments
Coronavirus: Care homes in England warned of rise in infections
National eczema week: I wanted to rip my skin off
Coronavirus: South Korea s Covid detectives
Alleged computer hacker Lauri Love: Living with my autism
Coronavirus: Oxford University resumes vaccine trial after pause
Coronavirus: Avoid party weekend ahead of new restrictions, public told
Coronavirus: Rule of six won t be changed in England, says Gove
With the ongoing risk of coronavirus, what does the average school day now look like?
Pregnancy loss: ‘He wasn’t with me when we got the bad news’
Coronavirus testing system falling over
COVID May Have Been in LA Earlier Than Believed
Blood Pressure Meds Can Affect COVID-19 Care
Suicide Rate Keeps Rising Among Young Americans
COVID-19 May Strike More Cats Than Believed
Wildfires, COVID a Double Whammy to Lung Health
Florida Teen Dies from Brain-Eating Amoeba
Cannabis, hemp, CBD: the Japanese cannabis landscape
Coronavirus cases on the rise in England
Progress towards eliminating child deaths could be reversed by COVID-19
UK medical cannabis dermatology service launched for skin conditions
People with inflammatory illnesses and smokers at high risk for COVID-19
Coronavirus: Doctors study brain of miraculous young patient
Coronavirus: Who would get the vaccine first?
Coronavirus: What are the challenges of mass testing?
Early RA Treatment May Thwart Heart Disease
Untreated High Blood Pressure a Growing Problem
Cost Puts HIV-Preventing PrEP Out of Reach for Many
What We’ve Learned About Treating COVID
More Using Pot When Depressed -- But Does it Help?
Contraceptive services even worse after coronavirus
Mental health problems and burnout among healthcare workers
Discussing the need for evidence-based drug policy
ICANNA: cannabis in Slovenia
Coronavirus: Jonathan Ashworth grills Matt Hancock over Covid-19 test guidelines
Child Hospitalization Rates Similar With COVID, Flu
Groundbreaking UK health projects receive government funding
Coronavirus: Long waits for hospital operations soar
Moving to a smart era of hospital infrastructure with Saga University
Supporting the NHS through winter and beyond
Coronavirus: Concerns over Boris Johnson s moonshot testing plans
Coronavirus prompts surge in people wanting to be nurses
Report: Trump Downplayed COVID Threat
Drinking Raises Blood Pressure Risk With Diabetes
Are Masks a Kind of Vaccine Against COVID-19?
Over Half a Million U.S. Kids Infected With COVID
Coronavirus: New virus measures not a second lockdown
Sturgis Bike Rally: Superspreading Event or Not?
How telehealth technology prevents COVID-19 transmission
Study shows metyrapone effective for treating rare Cushing’s Syndrome
Coronavirus: People without symptoms misusing testing
Coronavirus: Total deaths in Scotland rise by a third between April and June
Health Media Network Expands Digital Advertising Footprint with Spectrio Deal
The LeafCann Group in 2020
Wearable cardiac devices market worth more than €5.43bn by 2026
First medicine to prolong survival in patients with chronic kidney disease
Child obesity action risks losing its way
Coronavirus: People have relaxed too much
Coronavirus: Why won t my Covid-19 symptoms go away?
Coronavirus: Hancock warns that young people can face severe symptoms
Hancock: Bolton hospitality restricted to takeaway only
Coronavirus: Man with chronic asthma forced to wear mask on plane
Coronavirus: Five reasons why rise in cases is not all it seems
Surgery May Help Treat Sleep Apnea
Coronavirus: Oxford University vaccine trial paused after participant falls ill
Coronavirus: Social gatherings above six banned in England from 14 September
Why Do Black Men Fare Worse With Prostate Cancer?
Can Plexiglass Stop COVID?
Kids Can Have COVID And Antibodies at Same Time
Calls for urgent intervention to fund medical cannabis for Billy Caldwell
Europe goes gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
Permanent Nerve Damage for Some COVID-19 Survivors
Coronavirus: Bolton restrictions to be tightened
Trial Tests MMR Vaccine to Help Prevent COVID-19
Craigavon: Health chief apologises after fourth Covid-19 death
Coronavirus: New cases in all Scottish mainland areas
Coronavirus: Government apologises over tests shortage
Envirolyte: hypochlorous acid as a COVID-19 continual disinfection method
University of Liverpool scientists to explore anti-viral properties of seaweed
Anspec: leading the way in Australia’s medicinal cannabis sector
Coronavirus: Hertsmere infection rise due to teenage house parties
Everything a commercial cannabis grower needs to know about lighting
Striving for brilliance in hemp extracts, responsibly and ethically
Presidential rivals Trump and Biden spar over Covid-19 vaccine
Coronavirus: Warnings from scientists as UK cases continue to rise
Low Vitamin D Might Raise Odds of COVID Infection
Coronavirus: Long Covid patients need treatment programme, doctors say
Coronavirus: How can I overcome my anxiety?
Coronavirus: Rise in UK cases a great concern, Van Tam says
New digital innovation project set to benefit thousands of UK patients
UK delivers clear face masks to support those with hearing loss
Matt Hancock: Risk of second wave without young social distancing
Reimagining blockchain for healthcare solutions with the MAXathon
Coronavirus: Hundreds to self-isolate after football outbreak
Coronavirus: Class to self-isolate at Caerphilly school after positive test
Covid: Australia hopes to roll out almost 85 million vaccine doses
Coronavirus: India overtakes Brazil in Covid-19 cases
Coronavirus: Further 2,988 cases confirmed in UK
Coronavirus: Critical moment as students return to university
Coronavirus: Schools no greater risk than home for pupils and staff
Coronavirus: Portugal quarantine rules come into force
Coronavirus: Tests could be picking up dead virus
Campus Life in the COVID Era: We re Missing Out
Asthma May Not Boost Odds of Severe COVID-19
COVID-19 Ills No Greater for Those With Lupus, RA
Study Backs Use of Saliva COVID-19 Test
Early in Pandemic, Were Antibiotics Prescribed Too Often?
Coronavirus case numbers remain unchanged in England
Coronavirus: Why have cases spiked in Corby?
Cutting cardiovascular risk for European patients with cholesterol drug
Gene-edited babies: Current techniques not safe, say experts
Why A Vaccine Won’t Be a Quick Fix for COVID-19
Can COVID-19 Cause Diabetes?
COVID Survivors May Need Test a Month Later
Esketamine spray for treating depression not cost-effective
Coronavirus on Surfaces: What s the Real Risk?
COVID-19 antibody testing ‘the only safe pathway’
Large scale COVID-19 testing ‘the only safe pathway’
Hospitals Set to Defy FDA’s COVID Plasma Directive
Advances in digital communication and COVID-19: experts weigh in
Coronavirus: Add upset stomach in children to symptoms
Rise in gonorrhoea cases in England prompts safe sex warning
Skeletal Rare Diseases Academy launched by IOF
Coronavirus: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube fail to tackle anti-vaccination posts
Coronavirus: Charity seeks judicial review on care home visit guidance
Coronavirus testing rationed amid outbreaks
No Proof Convalescent Plasma Works Against COVID
Parents Can Stop Pandemic Cyberbullying
Rate of Depression Are Triple of Pre-COVID Levels
Multiple Studies Find Steroids Fight Severe COVID
Revolutionary hand sanitiser provides optimum infection protection
Deaths at home higher than normal - ONS figures
Coronavirus: Cheap steroids save lives from severe Covid
What Changing Death Rates Tell Us About COVID-19
How Effective is the Flu Vaccine?
WebMD Poll: More Acceptance of COVID Vaccine
Could COVID-19 lead to an increase in antimicrobial resistance?
Coronavirus: Visiting restrictions reintroduced in Glasgow area
Greater Manchester coronavirus rules illogical , mayor says
Many COVID-Infected Hospital Workers Asymptomatic
Cellphone Data Can Help Track Pandemic Spread
What Changing Death Rates Tell Us About COVID-19
Study: Face Shields Not a Good Mask Substitute
Coronavirus: Concern over virus cases in Glasgow area
29% of doctors have treated patients with long-term COVID-19 symptoms
Dear Commissioner Hahn: Tell the Truth or Resign
Tens of thousands of Scottish pupils absent from school
Coronavirus: Bolton asks for restrictions to remain after spike
Wholesale Dealer’s Licence for LeafCann approved
Soup-and-shake diet offered on NHS to fight diabetes
Still ill with coronavirus six months later: I have no idea how to get better
Groundbreaking research to restore myelin sheaths in multiple sclerosis
Hong Kong embarks on mass virus testing amid criticism
Coronavirus: US passes six million Covid-19 cases
Most Americans Wear Masks, But Myths Linger: Poll
Remote Monitoring May Help Control High Blood Pressure
New Quick COVID Test May Boost Screening Efforts
Remote Monitoring May Help Control High Blood Pressure
FDA: COVID Vaccine Could Be Given Before Tests End
FDA Expands Use of Remdesivir for COVID-19 Treatment
Covid warning as a million students set for uni return
Black Panther Star Boseman Dies of Cancer at 43
Coronavirus: Children s role in spread puzzles scientists
Coronavirus: Secondary schools to move to rota system if virus cases rise
Coronavirus: Winter plans revealed in leaked Sage report
With COVID Vax in Works, 20% Don t Believe in Shots
Feds: Nursing Home Staff Must Get COVID Tests
COVID Unlikely to Be Transmitted by Breast Milk
Will Telehealth Remain After COVID? Should It?
FDA Warning Issued About Hand Sanitizer Packaging
Salmonella in Peaches Has Sickened 78 in 12 States
Coronavirus cases continue to level off in England - ONS
Understanding ozone disinfection technology with STERISAFE
Coronavirus: Wales has one of lowest Covid-19 mortality rates
Coronavirus: High-risk health workers may not be protected in Wales
Coronavirus: Health workers army to be trained to deliver Covid vaccine
Newly discovered disease mechanism triggers chronic inflammation
How is COVID-19 impacting the mental health of nurses?
Sheffield care home sector receives continued financial support
Coronavirus loss of smell: Meat tastes like petrol
Coronavirus: Reassuring study of children s tiny risk
Scientists target coronavirus immunity puzzle
FDA Approves New Rapid Coronavirus Test
Some Vegetarian Diets Are Much Healthier Than Others
New videos on postpartum hemorrhage
What Is More Deadly in the U.S.: Hot Weather or Cold?
Fewer Severe Asthma Attacks In Kids During COVID
Maine Summer Camps Found, Isolated COVID Cases
Scientists create army of tiny walking robots in major breakthrough
COVID Social Distancing: Is 6 Feet Enough?
Coronavirus: Daily cases highest since mid-June
Polio Eradicated in Africa: WHO
Texas Mother Transmitted COVID-19 to Unborn Baby
Hospitals Must Report COVID Data or Be Penalized
FDA given CBD regulation recommendations by NlHC
Boris Johnson hires personal trainer Harry Jameson
Global hackathon launched for COVID-19 technology solutions
Period poverty: Schools not aware they can order free tampons
Covid-19: Five ways to avoid catching the virus indoors
Could the T cells of COVID-19 patients offer clues to immunity?
Coronavirus: Obesity increases risks from Covid-19
India coronavirus: Covid strikes remote Greater Andamanese tribe
First Scotland deaths after positive test for six weeks
Coronavirus: Payment for people on low incomes who must self-isolate
Flu: Why we still need to worry about it this winter
UK flu jab rates prompt complacency warning
The Forgotten Science Behind Face Masks
Survivors Plasma Still OK for Treating COVID-19
CDC s New COVID Testing Guidelines Trigger Concern
African region declared free of wild polio
Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding diagnosed with breast cancer
BMJ says social distancing rules are based on outdated science
US cannabis testing market worth more than $1.2bn by 2026
Cystic fibrosis: searching for a cure
Spreadsheet error led to Edinburgh hospital opening delay
Oral sex linked to vaginal condition bacterial vaginosis
FDA Chief Apologizes for COVID Treatment Claim
Distributing COVID Vaccine Will Be Major Challenge
Blood Pressure Meds Don t Raise Risk of Depression
What If Many Americans Say No to a COVID Vaccine?
Pressure grows for masks in England s schools
Coronavirus: Nottinghamshire woman, 75, first positive test within UK
Reducing liver transplant waiting-list mortality in Europe
Streamlining patient data and internal training with video content
Alder Hey Children’s Hospital harnesses innovative healthcare
Quinyx: easy-to-use rota management for your care organisation
Winter is coming: prepare your frontline workers with Quinyx
COVAX initiative: the COVID-19 vaccine Global Access Facility
Africa to be declared free of wild polio in milestone
Heads want to know if masks allowed in school
Coronavirus: Dr Anthony Fauci warns against rushing out vaccine
One in eight hospital virus cases caught on-site
Having some caffeine in pregnancy is fine
Study Confirms It’s Possible to Catch COVID Twice
What to Know About COVID Contact Tracing and Scams
For Black Kids, Autism Caught Late in the Game
Pandemic Drove Spike in Panic Attacks
Flushing a Public Toilet? Be Sure to Wear a Mask
BP Meds Could Improve Survival in COVID Patients
Hong Kong reports first case of virus reinfection
New infection control service launched for Canadian healthcare facilities
BAME and deprived communities receive healthy start funding
IoT and infection control experts team up for a safe workplace
TIYGA: the voice of the Patient
European Commission concludes talks for COVID-19 vaccine portfolio
US allows emergency use of blood plasma treatment for coronavirus patients
Coronavirus: Boris Johnson says it is vitally important children return to class
Coronavirus: I became alcoholic during lockdown
Coronavirus: Schools let down by lack of plan B , says union
Coronavirus: Missing school is worse than virus for children - Whitty
Coronavirus will be with us forever, Sage scientist warns
Coronavirus: No socialising rules in parts of North West
Coronavirus hospitals converted back to leisure centres
Coronavirus pandemic could be over within two years - WHO head
Eating Disorders Cost Billions in the U.S.
Stress, Anger May Worsen Heart Failure
Flu Shots for Kids Protect Everybody, Study Shows
In-Person Pregnancy Checks Won t Raise COVID Risk
Miami And Mass. Schools Both Assessing Changes
White House Blocks FDA Power to Regulate Lab Tests
The Ketamine Conference: A Molecular Masterclass
Contact tracing ineffective at containing COVID-19 spread
Breakthrough finding shows children are silent spreaders of COVID-19
2020 sees increase in NHS nurse numbers
Why You Should Start Using Carrot Oil
Asian American Students Face Bullying Over COVID
Coronavirus antibodies tests put public at risk
Pharmacists in All States Can Vaccinate Kids
Fauci Has Vocal Polyp Removed
NHS staff sign up to Covid-19 sniffer dog trial
Coronavirus: Singing no more risky than talking
FDA Halts Approval for Plasma to Treat COVID-19
High Viral Load Makes Kids COVID Silent Spreaders
Wawona Peaches Linked to Salmonella Outbreak
Expert warns that winter conditions could cause COVID-19 increase
Telemedicine: do not leave the digitally excluded behind
Investigation launched after Home Office psilocybin rescheduling response
Linda Nolan and Bill Turnbull urge public not to delay cancer checks
Breast cancer: One-dose radiotherapy as effective as full course
Doctors: Take Effects of COVID-19 to Heart
COVID Means Money Issues for Many With Diabetes
Dentists Push Back on WHO s Call to Delay Check-ups
Coronavirus Test Could Give Inaccurate Results
Birth Control Pill May Cut Women s Risk for Asthma
Experts Reject Oleander Extract as COVID Treatment
Georgia Officials Knew of Severe PPE Shortage
California Has First Plague Case in Five Years
UK to boost national testing for new COVID-19 insights
Coronavirus: UK not considering compulsory face masks in workplaces
COVID-19 and the role of mobile health technology
I m very anxious about getting back to work
Global cannabis testing market to grow 13.4% through 2025
South Korea tightens Covid-19 curbs amid warning of new crisis
UK to ramp up household coronavirus testing
A-levels U-turn: Medical schools call for places cap to be lifted
Basildon University Hospital maternity unit rated inadequate
Coronavirus: Care homes ask for insurance cost help
Coronavirus smell loss different from cold and flu
Study Finds Rise in Domestic Violence During COVID
Even With Misses, Rapid Tests Could Help Stop COVID
1 in 4 Connecticut Nursing Home Patients Had COVID
Will COVID Sideline the College Football Season?
Coronavirus on a Plane: One Flight s History Outlines the Risk
New Guidelines Urge OTC Painkillers, Not Opioids
Flu Season Nears as COVID Death Rate Hits 170,000
Genetic Testing for Alzheimer s Has Emotional Risk
Leicester lockdown: Beauty salons and nail bars to reopen
Diagnostic definition developed for Functional Cognitive Disorder
Clinical trial shows potential of cannabis to lessen sickle cell disease pain
New restrictions on laxative sales introduced to stop misuse
PHE to be replaced with National Institute for Health Protection
Coronavirus: Cases rise at Newark Bakkavor dessert factory
Depression doubles during coronavirus pandemic
BMA survey shows doctors’ low confidence for NHS return to normal
Examining the impact of COVID-19 on the rare diseases community
Wuhan coronavirus: From silent streets to packed pools
Coronavirus: It s not how I thought maternity leave would be
Restrictions on laxative sales in the UK to stop misuse
NHS cannabis guidelines challenged in court
Coronavirus: Dido Harding to be temporary head of new health agency
Autopsies Show Microplastics in Major Human Organs
Lasting Immunity to COVID Found in Early Studies
Researchers: COVID Clinical Trials Lack Diversity
Toxic Methanol in Hand Sanitizers: Poisonings Continue
Is It Safe Again to Take the Bus or Subway?
Health Europa Quarterly Issue 14
More coronavirus-vaccine volunteers needed
£5m to tackle loneliness, improve wellbeing and recovery from COVID-19
The medical school trying to become anti-racist
Coronavirus: Public Health England to be replaced
Coronavirus in Scotland: 43 new Covid-19 cases recorded in last 24 hours
Coronavirus: Shielding paused for 130,000 in Wales
Coronavirus: Test for Covid-19 T cells immunity developed
Coronavirus: Appetite grows for home working and local lockdowns
Coronavirus: Test, trace and the curse of the 0300 phone number
Parents urged to stay up-to-date with children s vaccinations
Parents Turn to Pods for School During Pandemic
Fast Food Makes an Unhealthy Comeback Among Kids
Mental Health Issues Soaring During COVID Pandemic
European Commission reaches agreement on potential COVID-19 vaccine
First at-home treatment for spinal muscular atrophy approved by FDA
NHS Scotland £53m vital PPE deal to create 200 jobs
Coronavirus cases stable across most of England
Colorectal cancer: diagnosis and treatment
Check your testicles, Greg Rutherford says after finding lump
New way to increase antimicrobial sensitivity discovered
Coronavirus vaccine: UK signs deals for 90 million virus vaccine doses
Fewer hospital patients in Covid-19 hotspots
COVID Likely Deadlier for New York Than 1918 Flu
Feeling Anxious? Yoga Can Help Soothe You
COVID-19 and Masks: Doctor, May I Be Excused?
Special Contact Lenses Help Kids Nearsightedness
Sweden s COVID Policy Didn t Create Herd Immunity
COVID-19 Supply Crunch Means More Testing Delays
Cosmetic surgeon struck off after botched ops
Nanosonics Europe Ltd
Coronavirus: England s contact tracing app trial gets under way
Coronavirus: Leicester patient first to join UK s largest recovery study
The Wellbeing Business: exploring workplace mental health
Routine operations in English hospitals down 67%
UK government to record COVID-19 deaths with new methodology
COVID-19 detection kits market to grow 17.3% through 2026
The UK Vaccine Taskforce: securing access to vaccines
Coronavirus: England s contact-tracing app gets green light for trial
Coronavirus: How will the world vaccinate seven billion?
Breast screening women in their 40s could save lives
Priti Patel minded to decriminalise sales of poppers drug
COVID Has Most Parents Nervous About Kids Vaccines
Many COVID Outbreaks Traced to Restaurants, Bars
COVID Risk Up to 7 Times Higher for Young Vapers
Redfield: This Fall Could Be ‘Worst’ We’ve Seen
Coronavirus: England death count reduced by 5,000 under new rules
Laboratory automation: exploring the benefits and challenges
Infection control guidance resource for home care providers
COVID-19 and mental health at work and school
Understanding MPS and other similar Lysosomal diseases
COVID-19 projects to receive €128m in EU funding
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and COVID-19
Coronavirus: Exposure rate similar in London and Stockholm
Coronavirus: Severe mental health problems rise amid pandemic
Asymptomatic COVID: Silent, but Maybe Not Harmless
Climate Change Means Senior Health Could Suffer
Health Media Network Inks Deal to Acquire All U.S. Media Assets, OFX Media Group
Students Struggle with Mental Health in Pandemic
Another COVID Hazard: False Information
UK Government announces funding package to prepare NHS for winter
Russia OKs COVID Vaccine Before Trials Completed
Prion disease: potential treatment discovered by researchers
New Zealand unites against COVID-19
Coronavirus: Test and trace system successful , says health minister
Artificial Intelligence tool shows 50% COVID-19 mortality reduction
WHO delivers training and infection control in South Sudan
A Hinge date saved my life and other cancer dating stories
From Trees and Grapefruit Comes New Bug Repellent
Social Distancing? Your Paycheck Plays a Role
Is Your Bread Really Whole Grain ? Maybe Not
Blood Test Might Spot Most Dangerous COVID Cases
Coronavirus: Contact tracers to be reduced by 6,000 in England
Can We Prevent the Next 5 Million COVID Cases?
‘The Year Has Been Sort of Canceled’
A Great Unknown: When Flu Season and COVID Collide
CBD blockchain tracing: new levels of transparency and accountability
Innovating healthcare with remote treatment for COVID-19 recovery
“The science should not get in the way”
Rare diseases: innovation, collaboration, and genomics
COVID-19 in the EU Member States
Coronavirus: Little evidence of Covid transmission in schools, says Williamson
Nursing apprenticeship funding gets £172m boost
Coronavirus in Scotland: Care home residents to be allowed more visitors
Coronavirus: Is the world winning the pandemic fight?
U.S. COVID Cases Hit 5 Million With No End in Sight
Coronavirus: Moral duty to get all children back into school - PM
Coronavirus: Randox recalls up to 750,000 test kits over safety concerns
Coronavirus: Face covering use expanded in England and Scotland
Nurses and NHS staff protest over pay rise snub
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